Top 8 Eyelash Extension Brands in The USA

Eyelash Extension Brands in The USA - wholesale eyelash suppliers US

If you’re in America and looking for eyelash extension brands & suppliers for all your business, you have landed on the right page!


Lii Lash

Lii Lash stands as a global eyelash extension manufacturer committed to delivering premium materials for professional lash extensions and consumer lash care items, such as primer, lash cleanser, protein remover, and adhesive. As an independent business, we carefully evaluate every facet of our products, accounting for customer values, aesthetics and craftsmanship, raw material quality and sustainability.
We’re dedicated to being "green" in every way; hence, all of our products are cruelty-free and say no with animal testing. We also support environmentally friendly packaging, employing only paper packaging for our lash products.


GladGirl, a trusted name among USA wholesale eyelash suppliers, invites you to a world where experience and creativity coexist. They are pioneer in the eyelash extension market, having set the benchmark for quality, skill, and customer service. Besides eyelash extensions, GladGirl provides a wide selection of skincare products, application tools, makeup designed specifically for eyelash extensions, and treatments for eyebrows and tinting.
With a longstanding commitment to vegan and cruelty-free products, GladGirl goes beyond trends. As the beauty industry evolves and new technologies emerge, they consistently provide a comprehensive line of products, ensuring excellence and competitive pricing.


Jemenow, a reputable eyelash extensions manufacturer in China, boasts 9 years of factory experience. Specializing in wholesale, they offer a diverse range of eyelash extensions to cater to every client's preference. Since Jemenow's R&D staff is highly skilled, they are able to meet a wide range of unique requirements and gain respect from all over the world.
Having collaborated with over 1800 lash artists, salons, and beauty spas, the brand stands out for its top-quality eyelash extensions and services. Above all, Jemenow's lashes are vegan, handmade, and undergo cruelty-free testing, showcasing their strong commitment to animal welfare.

Paris Lash Academy

The beauty supply company PLA, formerly Paris Lash Academy, empowers lash professionals with the essential tools and knowledge for success in the dynamic beauty industry. Founded by lash artist Michelle Nguyen, with eight years of expertise, PLA has became the premier wholesale lash supplier. Moreover, the company owns three manufacturing facilities in Michelle's native Vietnam in addition to a state-of-the-art distribution center in Reno, Nevada.
PLA is one of your go-to eyelash extension brands, providing quality products for estheticians and lash techs. More than just a wholesale lash provider, they equip professionals with everything necessary for successful false lash appointments.

Lash Box LA

Make sure to check out Lash Box LA (LBLA) if you're in Los Angeles. They are experts at providing premium lashes quickly and at a great price. Mega Volume, Russian Volume 8-10D, Volume 3-5D, Cashmere Lashes, Man Lashes, and Silky Mink are just a few of the many lash selections available at LBLA.
Distinguished for their careful innovation and exceptional product quality, this lash extension brand has rapidly gained acclaim for producing both stunning and long-lasting products. LBLA ensures a premium experience, emphasizing the quality of their lash selections, with a commitment to making wearers feel beautiful inside and out.

JB Lashes

In 2004, JB LASHES embarked on its journey as a family business, spearheaded by a mother and daughter duo. Since then, the company has evolved into one of the most reputable names in the industry. High-quality materials and keeping up with the trends help JB LASHES has a reputation for producing luxurious yet reasonably priced.
Additionally, this eyelash extension company offers the best beauty solutions to upscale salons, spas, beauty suppliers, and even medical spas. With state-of-the-art lash extensions, comprehensive care packages, and a talented team, they currently lead the business.

BL Lashes

Starting from the vibrant Korean beauty scene, BL Lashes has expanded to become a major player in the worldwide lash industry. The company stands out among US eyelash extension manufacturers by providing a wide array of products, including adhesives and diverse lash materials. Significantly, their meticulously crafted mink eyelash extension adhesives and trays set an international quality standard as top-selling items.
Nowadays, BL Lashes' products are sold in 70+ countries and showcased in over 3500 retailers globally. This extensive distribution underscores the brand's success in meeting global lash professionals' diverse demands.

Borboleta Beauty

Borboleta means butterfly in Portuguese. The founder, Kimber Jaynes, created premium products and a supportive network to fill a gap in an industry that was unaware of its potential. After years of dedicated work, Borboleta is distinguished by its incredibly soft and natural-feeling lash extensions.
Beyond producing high-quality goods, they've developed an extensive training program with leading instructors in the field. This initiative empowers lash artists, both aspiring and experienced, by offering opportunities to refine their skills with top-tier products. As a result of these efforts, Borboleta has ascended to become one of the foremost lash extension companies globally.

In short, choosing a trustworthy false lashes supplier is always a big deal. Consider our recommended list of the top 8 eyelash extension brands to make a wise choice.

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