Lash Supplies in Canada: What are the Top 6?

Discover the “crème de la crème” of lash suppliers in Canada, unveiling key insights about the top 6 contenders. If you're on the fence about selecting the perfect supplier, you might find the answer within this blog.



LiiLash is a global manufacturer of eyelash extensions that is dedicated to providing top-notch materials for professional lash extensions as well as consumer lash care items like primer, lash cleanser, protein remover, and adhesive. As an independent business, we carefully consider every component of their goods, mindful of client values, beauty, craftsmanship, the sustainability and quality of raw materials.
"Green'' from the most minor details. All of LiiLash’s items are cruelty-free, say NO to testing on animals and say YES to using 100% paper packaging for lash products.


Cartel Lash

Cartel Lash was founded out of a profound love for lash extensions and developed over many years as lash technicians, is an example of industry enthusiasm. They streamlines your access to renowned European, American, and Korean brands, eliminating the need for international travel to procure products. Moreover, they guarantee a wide selection by housing products from reputable brands like Untamed Artistry, LashGod, LBLA, SugarLash, Borboleta, Max2Orginale, and more.
Being artists themselves, Cartel Lash has tried every product that they carry. Their promise is to stick to the motto "tried, tested, and true". This Canadian lash extensions supplier dedicates itself to incorporating unique brands and products into their selection.


Sugarlash PRO

Sugarlash PRO has set the trends for professional lash artists and consumers alike. Their wide selection of lash lifts, academy courses, and tools, together with their eyelash extensions, top the industry in terms of effect, originality, and authority. Especially, they celebrate all ages, colors, and genders.
Since their founding in 2015, they have expanded naturally as a result of recommendations from journalists, photographers, models, and makeup artists. Sugarlash PRO are now available for purchase in over 35 nations.


Lash Lab Pro

Lash Lab Professional is much more than a lash studio. Their goal is to empower women by creating cutting-edge professional tools and supplies for lash designers through the fusion of bioengineering, art, and beauty. One unique aspect of their service is that they conduct facial analysis so that each client can have a unique pair of lashes. Their distinctive product includes not only high-quality lashes and tweezers, but also a fast-setting, anti-irritant lash adhesive.
Lash Lab Pro creates eyelash extension tools and products with reliability, quality, and cleanliness as their top priorities. For dependable lash supplies in Canada, make sure to consider Lash Lab Pro.


Dlux Professional

Dlux Professional is a company that develops, manufactures, and distributes premium beauty products. Its main focus is on tools, accessories, and solutions related to eyelashes. They work from their Korean headquarters and are involved in all phases of the process, from design to production and sales. This is their most unique selling point. Also, they claim to have the best items in the world and take great delight in what they produce.

Every Dlux product passes stringent quality testing that is issued by the government and complies with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards.


Outlash Extensions

OutLash was created for the everyday woman, from all walks of life. They aimed to offer something simple and streamlined for newcomers to the industry. They source their materials ethically and commit to finding a luxury line of application products that consistently provide their clients the "wow" effect.
Outlash Extensions brings you tried, tested, and lash artist-approved goods created by lash artist for lash artists. Whether you’re just starting or aiming to refine your skills, they cover the latest techniques and industry trends, helping you master both classic and volume lash extensions.

Tips to choose your ideal Canadian lashes wholesalers

Last but not least, take note of these important aspects when choosing the best lash supplies in Canada to fulfill your needs.

  • Cost: Make sure the prices are fair and within your means.
  • Quality: Prioritize suppliers with a reputation for high-quality products to ensure client satisfaction.
  • Location: Observe the supplier's distribution and location, taking into account how close they are to your place of business.
  • Customer Support: Opt for a supplier with reliable and accessible customer support for assistance.
  • Customer Reviews: Read customer feedback to get insight into the reputation and performance of the supplier, aiding in an informed decision for your lash business.

The six recommendations listed above are a dependable place to start looking for wholesale lash supplies in Canada. Have you picked the most suitable one? Let us know in the comment section!


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