In the dynamic realm of beauty, the lash industry has evolved dramatically. From individual lashes to easy fans and premade fans, innovation has always been key. 

However, the latest breakthrough in lash extensions has taken the volume effect to a whole new level. The innovative YY and W lash extensions have introduced a natural crisscross design that creates an outstanding look unlike anything seen before in the industry. Come with us as we discover these new innovation and the secrets behind their hype!

What are YY and W Lash Extensions?

What is YY lash?

YY lashes earn their name from their captivating Y-shaped lash fan. Picture four classic lash strands carefully bonded at the base, delicately woven to gracefully fan out in two directions, creating that distinctive Y-shape. With two lash strands on each side, giving the appearance of two flat lashes to the naked eye.

This innovative design not only simplifies the application process, as it is akin to applying classic lashes, but also delivers impressive volume and retention that outshines premade fans.

What is W lash?

W lashes – the ultimate upgrade from the YY lash, with multiple tips for a truly enchanting gaze. Initially crafted with three lash strands, our W lashes boast a mesmerizing 'W' shaped lash fan.

As this lash type continued to evolve and with our hard-working R&D department, we even developed more dimension in a W lashes to create a lush and fuller lash appearance for an enchanting allure that's truly yours.

W lash extensions have gained immense popularity among lash artists and enthusiasts worldwide. They’re now considered the sought-after choice for those looking to elevate their lash game.


Features and characteristics

In both YY and W lashes, you'll find 3 distinct features:

1. Handmade Weave Art

Our lashes feature a meticulously crafted handmade weave, creating a natural crisscross pattern that bridges the gap between classic and volume, resulting in extra volume and a stunning look. This design is particularly suitable for sparse lashes, providing a fuller appearance.

2. Flat Base & Long Stem

These lashes boast a flat base and long stem, making them easier to pick up and apply. The wider base ensures a better and stronger bond, leading to 55% longer retention time compared to regular lashes. Additionally, the long stem enhances lash adhesion to short natural lashes, resulting in a darker lash line.

3. Multiple Tips

With multiple tips, our lashes deliver a fluffy, thicker, and voluminous effect with just one lash. It's like wearing multiple lashes in one, yet they remain lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Furthermore, as the premium lash extension manufacturer and retailer, LiiLash, we are committed to providing top-notch lashes to our customers. Our YY and W lashes boast additional high-quality features, including:

  • Top-Quality Materials: Crafted from high-quality German PBT fiber, our lashes are cruelty-free and undergo no animal testing.
  • Matte Black: Each lash is matte deep black, offering a natural look that enhances the eyes.
  • Easy to Pick: Our lashes are easily picked like classic lashes, without any kinks or knots. Fans don't stick to neighboring ones, ensuring smooth application.
  • Stable Curl: The curl remains stable for more than a year under proper storage conditions, maintaining the desired look.
  • No Residue: There is no glue residue left on fans or strips, and the roots don't spread after picking up, ensuring a clean and seamless application process.

The Advantages of YY and W Lashes

Amazing Retention

Our YY and W lashes feature a flat base and long stem, creating a wider contact area for a stronger bond with natural lashes, resulting in improved retention and longer wear. The long stem also facilitates easy dipping into lash adhesive glue and enhances lash adhesion to short natural lashes.

Eyeliner Effect

The flatter base enhances the eyeliner effect, adding definition to lash lines.

Weightless Volume

The multiple tips enable the building of volume and texture without adding extra weight, offering a quick and easy method to achieve full, fluffy volume. They're also the perfect solution for filling in sparse lash lines.

Dramatic Appearance

The full matte, deep black color allows for natural and more dramatic lash styles. Additionally, our W lash collection offers seven different shapes suitable for diverse uses, from classic volume ranging from 3D to 6DW, or Double 3D and 4D W for thicker overall texture, a bolder and more noticeable appearance, or 5D Wispy to create a beautiful wispy effect.

Suitable for All Customers

Our lashes are lighter, making them the perfect choice for all types of clients, including those with weak, short, or thin lashes, and especially suitable for sparse lashes.


With a range of options in terms of curls, length, and thickness, W-shaped lashes allow for customized, versatile looks.

Time and Cost Saver

Similar to premade fans, YY and W lashes provide lash artists with perfect volume fans in hand, eliminating the need to make fans by hand and saving a significant amount of time. But compared to premade fans, YY and W lash strips are designed with no gaps like classic lash trays, allowing for maximum quantity and enabling you to serve more clients efficiently.

Moreover, YY and W lashes are applied like classic lashes, which shortens the application time compared to volume lash set sessions, making them especially beneficial for lash techs who deal with a high volume of clients daily, especially during busy seasons.

Easy Application

Our lashes are easy to apply, just like classic lashes, thanks to their long, flat base. This ensures a firm and seamless application, resembling the process of working with flat lashes.


Different Types of YY and W Lashes

YY lashes come in 1 type, featuring 4 classic lashes woven together.

Compared to YY lashes, W lashes offer superior coverage and fullness, thanks to their W-shaped design. W lashes are available in 7 types: 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, Double 3D, Double 4D, and 5D Wispy.

3D, 4D, 5D, 6D: Each type represents the number of lashes woven into one lash. For example, 3D consists of three classic lashes, while 4D consists of four classic lashes.

Double 3D and 4D: Double 3D features six lashes with three tips, each tip comprising two lash strands, resembling a flat lash. Similarly, Double 4D has eight lash strands with four tips, each tip also consisting of two lash strands.

5D Wispy: This type includes three lashes in the middle and one lash on each side to create that wispy effect.

Our W and YY lashes are available in C and D curls, with thicknesses of 0.07 and 0.05 mm, providing versatility and options for various lash looks.


Who Should Use YY W Lashes

1. Clients with Sparse Lashes:

YY & W lashes bridge the gap for optimal fullness, providing a solution for those with sparse lashes.

2. Clients Who Love an Edgy Volume Look:

The W-shaped lash design offers a unique and edgy appearance, distinct from the uniformed volume look of traditional premade fans. It's perfect for clients seeking a bold and unconventional lash style.

3. Clients Who Prefer a Dramatic Look:

With our unique lashes, you'll always achieve a dark, eyeliner-like effect, adding definition and drama to the eyes.


How to use

How to pick up

When you're picking up your lashes, aim for the halfway point between the top and bottom of the extension, right at the straight base. Remember, practice makes perfect! To keep those W-shaped lashes looking sharp, grab the straight part right in the middle, just before the base starts to split into multiple tips. Then, apply them just like you would with classic extensions.

How to apply

Now, when it comes to applying your lashes, pay close attention to where you're putting them – whether it's on top, underneath, or to the side of your natural lashes. For the best results, try placing them on top of your natural lashes. This not only gives you a stronger bond but also ensures they stay put longer. Avoid putting them on the side, though, as it can make them look unnatural and increase the risk of them falling out.


YY, W Lashes vs. Premade fans

Based on what we've covered so far, you might notice that YY and W lashes share a large resemblance with premade fans. Now, let's dive deeper and uncover what sets them apart from the traditional premade fans.

Factors Y & W Lash Premade fans



Provide voluminous and natural textured appearance, suitable for dramatic looks  Offer volume in more uniform and less textured looks
Result look Textured and layered appearance with a bold effect yet natural look, mimicking the natural growth pattern of eyelashes

Natural yet dramatic appearance with less texture

Retention Tends to last longer due to flat base and better attachment Retention may vary based on adhesive and technique​
Application time Shorter, as applied like classic lashes  Longer
Adhesive used Flat base requires more adhesive coverage Pointy base requires minimal adhesive
Weight/Comfort Lightweight and comfortable, distributing weight evenly, less stress on natural lash  Comfortable but may feel slightly heavier and cause discomfort
Style Versatility  Versatile for creating dramatic and textured styles  Versatile for creating both natural and bold styles
Coverage  Better coverage of natural lashes, reducing gaps or uncoated areas  May leave gaps between extensions, especially for those with sparse lashes
Suitable for  Clients with sparse lashes  Clients who prefer a more uniform lash look


While the lash industry has seen its fair share of innovations, the introduction of YY and W lash extensions has truly shaken the world. These unique extensions offer a natural crisscross design that enhances the volume and texture of the lashes, creating a stunning and eye-catching look.
With YY and W lash extensions, lash artists can achieve a more dynamic and dimensional effect, giving clients the full, fluttery lashes they desire. This latest breakthrough in lash technology is sure to set a new standard in the industry and inspire further innovation in the future.

Explore our W & YY lash collection and delight your clients with the latest trendsetting lash styles today!



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