Maximizing Lash Retention: Bonder, Accelerator, or Primer?

Ensuring exceptional lash retention isn't just about skill - it's about using the right tools. Beyond the essentials like glue and shampoo, liquid eyelash extension like Super Bonder, Accelerator, and Primer are your secret weapons. They're designed to enhance retention and streamline your process, making your work more efficient and your clients happier. Let's explore how each of these liquids can elevate your lash game!


What Are These Products?

Similarly, all these lash extension liquids are designed to boost retention, helping you create longer-lasting and more durable lash sets for your clients. Though they share this common goal, each product works differently and offers unique benefits tailored to specific needs.

Super bonder is a post-treatment product. Think of it as your go-to for speeding up the curing process of lash glue. It ensures a quick, strong bond between extensions and natural lashes, setting the stage for longer-lasting results.

2 super bonder bottles with 1 standing and 1 lying

Primer serves as a pre-treatment product. This essential step at the beginning of your application removes makeup residue and oils, prepping natural lashes for better adhesion. Plus, it helps glue dry faster, so you can work swiftly and smoothly.

1 primer bottles

Accelerator is also a pre-treatment liquid extension. Perfect for prepping lashes by removing impurities and oils, Accelerator not only speeds up glue drying but also boosts retention - especially handy in environments with lower humidity.

LiiLash's glue accelerator collection with pure and strawberry scent

Differences in Functions and Benefits

The main difference among Super Bonder, Accelerator, and Primer lies in how they affect the drying and curing times of lash glue:

Super Bonder:

  • Effect: Speeds up the curing time of lash glue.
  • Other Benefits:
    • Quickly strengthens adhesive bonds.
    • Reduces waiting time, enhancing application efficiency.
    • Minimizes fumes for a more comfortable experience.


  • Effect: Cleanses and prepares natural lashes, expediting glue drying.
  • Other Benefits:
    • Removes makeup residue, proteins, and oils for better adhesion.
    • Moisturizes natural lashes, promoting their health.
    • Improves overall retention, ensuring longer-lasting extensions.


  • Effect: Speeds up both drying and curing times of lash glue.
  • Other Benefits:
    • Efficiently removes oils and impurities from natural lashes.
    • Enhances retention, particularly effective in low-humidity environments.
    • Reduces application time and downtime for clients.

Understanding these distinct effects will help you choose the right liquid eyelash extensions - or combination of products to achieve optimal lash retention in various conditions.

Difference in Application Techniques

Each of these liquid extensions is applied differently in the lash extension process to maximize their specific benefits. That’s why it’s important to understand how to use them effectively before incorporating them into your routine.


Application Technique: Applied at the beginning of the lash extension procedure to natural lashes.

apply primer onto natural lashes before application

Primer cleanses and prepares natural lashes by removing makeup residue, oils, and impurities. This sets a clean, optimal surface for the adhesive to adhere to, promoting better adhesion and faster drying of the glue.


Application Technique: Applied to the base of lash extensions before attaching them to natural lashes.

apply accelerator onto extensions before application

By preparing the extensions with Accelerator, oils and impurities are removed, and the drying and curing times of the glue are accelerated. This step is particularly beneficial in environments with low humidity, where adhesive drying times can be slower.

Super Bonder:

Application Technique: Applied to the bonding area between natural lashes and extensions after the lash application process.
This post-application step ensures that the adhesive cures quickly and effectively, strengthening the bond between natural lashes and extensions for long-lasting retention.

These specific application techniques ensure that each product is utilized effectively to enhance lash retention and streamline the application process for professional lash artists.

Do I Need to Use All of Them?

Using Super Bonder, Accelerator, and Primer is totally optional and depends on your specific needs and working conditions. Here's a comparison table for Super Bonder, Primer, and Accelerator to help you make informed decision

Aspect Super Bonder  Primer Glue Accelerator
Primary Function Speeds up curing time of lash glue

Seeed up drying time of lash glue

Cleanses and preps natural lashes 

Speeds up both drying and curing times of lash glue
Application Time After lash application Before lash application Before lash application
Application Area Bonding area between natural lashes and extensions  Natural lashes  Base of lash extensions
Key Benefits

- Strengthens adhesive bond quickly

- Reduces waiting time

- Minimizes fumes for comfort

- Removes makeup residue and oils

- Moisturizes lashes

- Promotes natural lash health

- Removes oils and impurities

- Enhances retention

- Ideal for low-humidity environments

Best For Enhancing efficiency and comfort during application  Preparing lashes for better adhesion and retention  Quick application and boosting retention, especially in low-humidity conditions
Additional Notes Helps create a more durable and irritation-free lash extension experience  Promotes natural lash growth and rejuvenates damaged lashes  Prepares lashes for a seamless application

Recommendations for Combined Use:

  • For Optimal Retention: Consider using Primer to prep natural lashes, followed by Accelerator on extensions, and finish with Super Bonder for enhanced bond strength and faster curing.
  • In Variable Conditions: Adjust the use of these products based on humidity levels and client needs. For instance, in high humidity, focus on Accelerator and Super Bonder to counteract slower drying times.



Super bonder is typically used as a post-application step to speed up curing and strengthen bond durability. Ideal for enhancing efficiency and comfort during lash extension applications.
Primer is essential for prepping natural lashes by removing oils and residues, creating a clean surface for better adhesion and quicker glue drying. It also moisturizes and promotes natural lash health over time.
Accelerator is useful for both pre-treatment and accelerating adhesive drying and curing times. It's particularly beneficial in environments with low humidity where adhesive drying might be slower.

Understanding the distinct roles of these liquid extensions not only enhances your ability to achieve long-lasting lash extensions but also improves efficiency and client comfort during application.
Whether you choose to use one or a combination of these products, each contributes uniquely to optimizing retention and ensuring your clients leave with beautifully enhanced lashes. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you!