101 Pride Lashes Inspo: Celebrate Pride with Colors

Pride Month is a time to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, recognizing their struggles, achievements, and the ongoing fight for equality and acceptance. It is a vibrant celebration of diversity, inclusivity, and love. As lash artists, you have a unique opportunity to express support and solidarity through your craft by offering stunning pride lash sets to your clients.

Pride Lashes 101 Inspo

To help you get inspired, we’re showcasing multiple ways to combine colors and create vivid, stunning lash sets to celebrate this beautiful month. Dive into the following lash inspirations and discover charming outcomes that will delight your clients and help them celebrate Pride in style.

6-Color Pride Flag - red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, and violet

This lash set features a vibrant rainbow, symbolizing the diversity and unity of the LGBTQ+ community. It offers a bold, colorful look that makes a striking statement of pride and celebration.

Lesbian Pride - pink, orange, white and red

Embrace a warm and dynamic vibe with a lash set inspired by the Lesbian Pride flag. These colors create a harmonious and eye-catching look, perfect for celebrating lesbian identity and pride.

Gay Men Pride - green, blue, and purple

This lash set exudes elegance and serenity with its cool, calming hues. It creates a sophisticated look that honors gay men’s pride with a touch of grace.

Transgender Pride - light blue and light pink

A delicate and soft lash set inspired by the Transgender Pride flag. These gentle colors offer a subtle yet impactful look, celebrating transgender pride and the journey of self-discovery.

Bisexual Pride - pink, blue, purple

Create a vibrant and multifaceted lash set with the Bisexual Pride flag colors. This combination offers a lively and dynamic look, celebrating bisexual pride and fluidity.

Pansexual Pride - pink, yellow, and cyan

Inspired by the Pansexual Pride flag, this lash set features bright and playful colors. It creates a fun and inclusive look, perfect for celebrating pansexual pride and openness.

Non binary pride - yellow, white, purple, and black

This lash set, inspired by the Non-Binary Pride flag, offers a bold and unique look. The striking colors celebrate non-binary pride and diversity, creating a powerful statement.

How to Create Eye-Catching Colored Lash Sets

Creating stunning colored lash sets involves thoughtful application and creativity. Here’s ultimate tips to help you achieve captivating results for any of the pride lash extensions sets:

Different ways to apply color lashes

Follow inspiration: Apply the colors in a sequence that best represents the pride flag. For example, for the 6-Color Pride Flag, start with red at the inner corner and progress to violet at the outer corner.

Random Placement: For a more playful and unique look, apply the colored lashes randomly. 

Sectional Color Blocks: Apply different colors to sections of the lash line. For example: Divide the lash line into three sections, apply pink lashes to the inner section, orange to the middle, and red to the outer section. This creates a gradient effect that transitions smoothly from one color to another.This technique works well with sets like the Pansexual or Bisexual Pride flags, where colors can be mixed and matched.

Accents:  If your client prefers a more understated look, you can add just a few colored lashes randomly among natural lashes. This adds a touch of accents without overwhelming the overall appearance.

How to Blend Colors Smoothly

Smooth Transitions: To create a seamless transition between colors, blend the lashes where the colors meet. This can be done by overlapping a few lashes of each color at the transition points.

Ombre Effect: For a gradient effect, gradually blend one color into the next. This technique is particularly effective for flags with similar hues, like the Gay Men or Bisexual Pride flags.

Adding Depth with Layering technique: Layer colored lashes over natural or black lashes to add depth. This technique enhances the vibrancy of the colors and makes the lash set more dynamic.

Highlighting: Use lighter shades to highlight certain sections of the lash line, adding contrast and making the colors pop.

LiiLash Colored Lash Collection

Colorful eyelashes can be an exciting way for your clients to celebrate Pride. These vibrant, colorful lash sets can help them showcase their pride and individuality, offering a bold and expressive look that perfectly aligns with the spirit of the month.

At LiiLash, we cherish boundless creativity and customization, offering a vast array of colored lashes to provide endless creative possibilities to suit every client's preference and occasion.

Single Colored Lashes: Each box features stunning single-color options, allowing you to effortlessly select the perfect shade from a wide range of vibrant colors that complement your unique style.

Single color lashes

Mixed Color Collections: If color matching isn't your strength, our Mixed Colored collection offers the perfect time-saving solution with the best-matched color palettes. Explore over 60 combination options to unleash creativity and achieve unique, eye-catching looks

Premade Colored Fan Lashes: Available in various colors, these are ideal for creating volume and quick applications.

Tips for Making More Beautiful Colored Lashes Set

Application Tips

When applying colored lashes, attention to detail is crucial for achieving a flawless look. Start by selecting a clear invisible adhesive that won't interfere with the vibrant colors of the lashes.

We recommend our Premium Sensitive Adhesive, an invisible, relatively fast-drying glue ideal for lash artists working with colored lash sets. This adhesive ensures a seamless application and enhances the vibrant hues without compromising their clarity.

Premium sensitive ingredients

Client Consultation

Before creating colored lash sets, it's essential to consult with your clients to understand their preferences and ensure satisfaction. Discuss the level of boldness they desire and consider the occasions they plan to wear the lashes for. Tailor the application to their eye shape, recommending placements that highlight their natural beauty. Provide maintenance advice to help them preserve the vibrant colors and prolong the lifespan of their lash sets.


In your lash business, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment is paramount. Celebrate diversity by offering colored lash sets that symbolize support for LGBTQ+ communities during Pride month and throughout the year. Ensure every client feels respected and valued by staying informed about diversity issues and adapting your services to cater sensitively to clients of all gender identities.