2023's Hottest Lash Trends

When it comes to enhancing your natural beauty, eyelashes play a crucial role. They frame your eyes, add depth to your look, and can make you feel more confident. If you're looking to stay on top of the latest lash trends, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll explore all the lash style trends that dominate in 2023. 


Classic Lashes

The classic lash style is a timeless choice that never goes out of fashion. It involves applying a single lash extension to each natural lash, resulting in a natural yet enhanced look. Classic lashes are perfect for those who want to add length and volume while maintaining a subtle appearance.

the left is a skilled lash technician carefully applying classic lash extensions to a client's eyes, on the right is how classic lashes look in real eyes

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes. Classic lashes use a 1:1 ratio, applying one extension to one natural lash, while Volume lashes involve applying multiple extensions (usually 2 to 9D) to a single natural lash. This style involves applying a mix of single lash extensions and handmade fans to create a fuller, more textured look. Hybrid lashes are ideal for those who desire a bit more drama without going overboard.

An image displaying the outcome of a trending lash style: hybrid lashes, showcasing a blend of classic and volume lash techniques. The result is a textured, fuller lash appearance with a mix of lengths and thickness, offering a balanced yet striking look

Angel (Wet) Lashes

The Angel lash style, also known as the Wet lash style, is all about achieving a glossy, wet appearance, as the name suggests. Unlike traditional lash styles using matte black lashes for a natural look, this trend involves glossy lash extensions, giving them a shiny, freshly showered appearance, true to its name.

Various lash technicians have unique techniques for the Wet lash look, but the key technique is the closed fan or the "spike". Instead of fanning out the lashes for volume and uniformity, this method creates a more striking, textured effect. Another essential element for the bold and dramatic Wet look is the curl. It requires a special curl like L, L+, or M to achieve that wide-open, dramatic eye appearance.

Angel lashes are perfect for those aiming to make a bold statement and stand out, offering a distinctive, eye-catching allure.

Left picture: A 'before' image showing natural lashes without wet-look lash extensions.  Right picture: An 'after' image displaying the dramatic transformation with wet-look lash extensions. The lashes appear glossy and defined, achieving a striking, wet-like effect

Wispy (Kim K) Lashes

Wispy lashes, or some call Kim K lashes, are all about crafting a soft staggered un-uniform effect. This style plays with different lash lengths and uses spikes to create a dynamic, up-and-down look like our natural lashes. Typically, the spike lashes are 1-3mm longer than the shorter ones, adding a playful variation.

Each lash artist may have their unique approach to determining where and how thick, and how long the spikes should be, making wispy a versatile and freestyle lash look. Wispy lashes are ideal for those seeking a fresh, glamorous appearance - a noticeable departure from the uniform, voluminous look. It's the perfect choice to embrace a new vibe and infuse a touch of individualized glam.

An image showcasing the outcome of wispy lash extensions. The lashes appear staggered and textured, featuring varying lengths and wispy ends, creating a soft and feathery effect for a natural yet alluring look.

Anime (Manga) Lashes

The Anime lash style, inspired by captivating Japanese manga characters, embodies long, dramatic lashes that evoke a wide-eyed, doll-like allure. This style relies on longer, thicker, and more curled lash extensions to achieve a stunningly impactful appearance.

Manga lash look is quite similar to the wispy lashes, but in more polished version. Just like the wet look where spikes play a key role, in anime lash looks, the spikes are the centerpiece. However, what distinguishes anime lashes is the more pronounced, thicker, longer, and bolder spikes. They create a significant contrast against the shorter lashes, resulting in an enchanting, captivating gaze. This style is perfect for those who seek a standout, eye-catching look.

An image displaying the result of anime (manga) lash extensions. The lashes appear long, dramatic, and curled, resembling the iconic wide-eyed look often seen in Japanese manga characters. The style features bold, extended lashes for a captivating and expressive appearance

Brown Lashes

Brown lashes offer a subtle twist from the conventional black lash trend. Unlike black extensions that can sometimes be overpowering on lighter complexions, brown ones gracefully complement natural beauty without dominating the look.This style uses lash extensions in various shades of brown, creating a softer, more natural appearance. 

An image showcasing the outcome of brown lash extensions. The lashes exhibit a softer and more natural appearance, with varying shades of brown providing a subtle yet elegant enhancement to the eyes, complementing the overall look

Brown lashes are particularly well-suited for individuals with light features, especially blondes or redheads. Brown lashes beautifully enhance eye colors like blue, green, hazel, or brown, bringing out a radiant and youthful glow. The softer tones impart a youthful radiance, exuding timeless elegance and a fresher look, particularly suitable for the middle-aged.

For clients new to lash extensions or those who want a fresh look, these shades are a delightful choice, offering a fantastic alternative to standard black lashes with a subtle yet impactful change. The brown shades add an enchanting and elegant touch that brightens the eyes. With a classic but never out-of-style charm, darker brown shades are perfect for those seeking a distinct yet subtle enhancement.


Clumpy lashes - Kpop idol lashes

The K-pop idol lash style, also known as spider leg or spidery lash, is renowned for its distinctive and captivating look, particularly focusing on the eyes. A key feature of K-pop idol makeup is the emphasis on eyes, and the spidery lash style plays a crucial role in achieving this aesthetic.

Unlike the conventional approach of avoiding clumps when applying mascara, the goal here is to intentionally group lash strands together. This technique creates bold strands with spaces in between, akin to spikes, to achieve a doll-like, open-eye appearance.

To achieve this clumpy yet natural look, consider using spike lashes in a 1:1 application onto real lashes. Opt for lashes that are not too long for the most natural result.

Alternatively, you can achieve this look without applying false lashes by using mascara. Start by curling your lashes with an eyelash curler and a spoolie, ensuring all lashes point outward and upward evenly. Apply mascara, then before it dries, quickly seize a pair of point tweezers and press a small bundle of eyelashes together to combine lashes into sections, form a single "lash". Remove a moderate amount of mascara to prevent clumping for a neat, thin lash effect - this technique mirrors the distinct look that K-pop idols often go for.

For a visual guide, check out the YouTube tutorial video by Korean Beauty Vlogger Jaycee.

An image displaying the result of Kpop idol, spidery lash extensions. The lashes feature grouped strands creating a bold, clumped effect, resembling spikes for a unique and impactful appearance, adding drama and intensity to the eyes



As lash trends continue to evolve, staying attuned to the lash trends is essential for lash artists, studios, and businesses alike. Embracing these trends isn't just about staying fashionable; it's about offering customers the freshest, most desired looks, setting you apart in this competitive industry.

By continuously updating your skills, techniques, and product offerings, you ensure that your clients receive top-notch services. This dedication not only satisfies their desires but also drives your business towards growth and success.

As a lash supplier, Lii Lash are committed to provide up-to-date, trend-setting products key to help you satisfy your customers and driving business expansion.

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