Choosing the Perfect Lash Styles for Your Eye Shape

Welcome to the world of lash extensions, where enhancing your natural beauty is an art form. You may have heard that selecting the right lash style can make all the difference. But did you know that it's not just about the style? The key to achieving lash perfection lies in understanding your eye shape and embracing the magic of lash mapping.

What is your eye shape and why should you know it?

various types of eye shapes: monolid eyes, hooded eyes, upturned eyes, downturned eyes, almond eyes, round eyes

Before diving into lash styles, it's essential to identify your eye shape. Each eye shape has unique characteristics that influence the way lash extensions should be applied. Knowing your eye shape helps you choose the most suitable lash styles to enhance your eyes' beauty.

No matter what eye shape you have, if you understand your eye's characteristics, the makeup process will become much easier.

How can I determine my eye shape?

Here's a quick guide to help you tell what eye shape you possess:

1. Do you have eyelid creases?

- No, this means you have monolid eyes.

2. If you draw a horizontal line across your eyes, do the outer corners of your eyes slant upwards or downwards?

- If they slant upwards, it means you have upturned eyes.
- If they slant downwards, it's called downturned eyes.
- If the line is straight, your eyes have a normal shape.

3. Are your eyelids visible?

- If not, your eyes fall under the category of hooded eyes.

4. When looking directly into a mirror, you notice your eyes:

- With some white space below the iris, or the iris is barely touching the lower lash line: round eyes.
- The iris gently touches the lower and upper lids: almond eyes.
- The iris is concealed under both the upper and lower lids: narrow eyes.

5. The next characteristic is the distance between your eyes:

- If the distance is approximately equal to the length of one eye, it's considered balanced.
- If they are further apart than the length of one eye, they are wide-set eyes.
- If they are closer together, it's called close-set eyes.

6. Now, let's consider the final feature:

In addition to the normal position, some of us have eyes that slightly protrude from the eye socket, known as protruding eyes, or they may sit deeper within the socket, known as deep-set eyes.

Normally, one person has a combination of various eye shapes. For instance, your eye shape may be described as having double eyelids, round, somewhat protruding, and slightly wide-set.

In such cases, lash styling can be customized to enhance the unique combination of eye shapes, creating a tailored and striking look. Now that you determine what eye shape you have, let’s discover lash styles to find what’s the most suitable for you!

Understanding Lash Extension Styles

What Are Lash Styles?

Lash styles are specific designs or patterns used when applying eyelash extensions. They determine how the extensions are arranged, creating distinct effects on your eyes. Each style can enhance your natural beauty in a unique way.

Popular Lash Styles:

Natural Lashes: These extensions are perfect for achieving an everyday look. They're subtle, giving the appearance of naturally long and luscious lashes.

a woman with 'Natural' lash style, exemplifying a subtle and understated look, suitable for those who prefer a more organic and less dramatic appearance in lash styles

Wispy Lashes: If you want that captivating, windblown look, go for wispy lashes. They're like a gentle breeze for your eyes, adding a touch of enchantment.

'Wispy' lash style, featuring delicate and feathered lashes that create an elegant and textured look for eyelash extensions or makeup, perfect for a soft and romantic appearance

Source: Winkbar insta

Cat-Eye Lashes: The cat-eye style features longer extensions toward the outer corners, creating a flicked, alluring effect that mimics a feline gaze.

a woman showcasing a 'Cat-Eye' lash style, highlighting the bold and dramatic winged lash design, ideal for those seeking a captivating and feline-inspired look in lash styles

Doll Lashes: To achieve the wide-eyed, doll-like charm, doll lashes are your best bet. They make your eyes appear bigger and more youthful.

a 'Doll-Eye' lash style transformation, featuring the before and after application, illustrating the change from natural to a more rounded and doll-like eye appearance, achieved through lash extensions or makeup

Source: GladGirl

Anime Lashes: These lashes take inspiration from the world of anime, offering dramatic length and intense volume, perfect for those who love to make a bold statement.

a woman sporting an 'Anime/Manga' lash style, portraying an exaggerated and expressive eye look reminiscent of anime and manga characters, achieved through lash extensions or makeup for a playful and artistic appearance

Source: Winkbar insta

Best Lash Styles For Your Eye Shape

Each eye shape has unique characteristics, and the right lash style can either enhance or detract from those features. For example, cat-eye lashes can make almond-shaped eyes more captivating, while they might not flatter deep-set eyes the same way.

Therefore, it's highly recommended to carefully understand lash styles that can accentuate your natural beauty and create a harmonious, flattering look. Let's explore how different lash styles can complement specific eye shapes:

Monolid Eyes:

If your eyes don't have a distinct crease, you have monolid eyes. For monolids, lash styles like 'Natural,' 'Wispy,' or the classic 'Doll-Eye' are fantastic choices. They add a touch of allure without being too heavy. A terrific example is Lana Condor, whose captivating look often features natural, elegant lashes.
Lana Condor serving as an example for 'Monolid' eyes, wearing a 'Wispy' lash style, showcasing how this look complements monolid eye shapes for an elegant and textured appearance

Source: Bon Appetit Magazine

Upturned Eyes:

These eyes have a slight natural lift at the outer corners, creating a gentle upward curve. Lash styles like 'Cat-Eye,' 'Doll,' or even a whimsical 'Anime' style work best for upturned eyes. These styles accentuate the natural lift. Think of Taylor Swift, whose cat-eye lashes beautifully enhance her eyes.
Taylor Swift with captivating 'Cat-Eye' lashes that beautifully enhance her eyes, showcasing the dramatic and winged lash style that complements her overall look

Source: Vogue

Downturned Eyes:

Downturned eyes have a charming droop at the outer corners. To balance this, try 'Doll' lashes for a playful lift, 'Winged' for a captivating look, or 'Natural' for everyday elegance. .

Mila Kunis, exemplifying how the 'Winged' lash style complements downturned eyes, accentuating her eye shape for an elegant and lifted appearance
Source: India Times

Hooded Eyes:

Hooded eyes have a charming crease that hides part of the eyelid. For hooded eyes, 'Natural,' 'Voluminous,' and 'Classic' styles work wonders. Jennifer Lawrence often opts for a balance between natural and voluminous, emphasizing her beautiful hooded eyes.

An image of Jennifer Lawrence showcasing her lash style, which strikes a balance between a natural and voluminous look, enhancing the beauty of her hooded eyes
Source: Pinterest

Almond Eyes:

With their pleasing shape, almond eyes are versatile. Any styles like 'Natural,' 'Cat-Eye,' and 'Doll-Eye' will enhance the the eye's natural beauty. Think of Emma Stone, whose 'Cat-Eye' lashes effortlessly bring out her charming almond eyes.

Sneak Peek: Emma Stone's Brand New Revlon Ads – StyleCaster
Source: Style Caster

Round Eyes:

Round eyes benefit from styles like 'Cat-Eye' for an elongated look, 'Winged' for a sultry touch, or 'Voluminous' for added allure. Take Adele, whose cat-eye lashes create an elegant elongation that accentuates her round eyes.

Adele showcasing her 'Cat-Eye' lashes, which create an elegant elongation that accentuates her round eyes, adding a touch of sophistication to her lash style

Narrow Eyes:

If your eyes are narrower, consider 'Natural,' 'Voluminous,' or 'Classic' lash styles. They open up and create a balanced look. Keira Knightley is a great example of how 'Natural' lashes harmonize with her narrow eyes.

Wide-Set Eyes:

For eyes set wider apart, 'Natural,' 'Voluminous,' or the captivating 'Cat-Eye' style are ideal. These styles strike a lovely balance. Kate Moss often complements her wide-set eyes with 'Natural' lashes.

Kate Moss, exemplifying how she complements her wide-set eyes with 'Natural' lashes, enhancing her beauty through a more subtle and understated lash style

Close-Set Eyes:

With eyes set closely together, 'Natural,' 'Cat-Eye,' and 'Doll' lashes add that perfect touch. Zooey Deschanel's frequent choice of cat-eye lashes creates an elongated look, enhancing her close-set eyes.

Happy Birthday Zooey Deschanel! | kittydee

Protruding Eyes:

If your eyes slightly protrude, you're in good company with 'Natural,' 'Dramatic,' or 'Voluminous' lash styles. They beautifully enhance this natural feature. Amanda Seyfried frequently rocks dramatic lashes to highlight her naturally prominent eyes.
Amanda Seyfried frequently wearing dramatic lashes to highlight her naturally prominent, protruding eyes, demonstrating how lash styles can accentuate and complement unique eye shapes

Deep-Set Eyes:

Deep-set eyes can create a sultry and smoky effect with 'Smoky,' 'Voluminous,' or 'Classic' lash styles. Angelina Jolie's classic lashes beautifully enhance the timeless allure of her deep-set eyes.

While these lash styles harmonize with specific eye shapes, remember that personal preferences and the overall look you're aiming for also play a significant role. Experiment with different lash styles to discover what truly makes your eyes shine and brings out your unique beauty.

But Can't I Choose Any Lash Styles I Like?

Of course, as we have mentioned before, you have the freedom to choose any lash style you desire, and personal preference plays a vital role in the selection process. However, understanding your eye shape and how different styles of lash extensions interact with it allows you to make a more informed choice.

By marrying your preferences with the knowledge of what complements your eye shape, you can achieve stunning and personalized results that highlight your unique features. So, whether you opt for natural, wispy, cat-eye, doll, or anime lashes, remember that your choice should make your eyes dazzle and your natural beauty shine through.


In the world of lash extensions, understanding your eye shape and choosing the right lash style is the key to enhancing your natural beauty. It's not just about applying lashes; it's about creating art. We encourage you to experiment with different styles and consult lash artists if needed.

Embrace the magic of lash mapping, where every eye shape becomes a canvas for a unique masterpiece. Whether your eyes are almond, round, hooded, or deep-set, there's a lash style waiting to enhance your natural beauty.



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