Lash Extension Care During Winter: Weathering the Season in Style

It’s getting colder and drier outside but just because the temperatures are dropping doesn't mean your lashes have to follow suit. We've got all the tips and tricks to keep your lash game strong, no matter how chilly it gets. Don't let winter dull your sparkle – let's master the art of winter lash extension care! 

Young Woman with Stunning Lashes: A radiant young woman showcasing her beautiful lash extensions, highlighting the importance of proper care and maintenance during the winter season

Winter Lash Extension Care Tips

Winter comes in different flavors – from dry and cold to wet and snowy – and each one can throw a curveball at your lashes. Its hard and unpredictable weather can become your lash enemy, leading to retention issues and even causing your lashes to cling together. So come with us as we give you the best tips and tricks to enjoy a season of stunning and fluttering lashes!

1. Keep Your Lashes Hydrated

Winter air is like the Sahara for your lashes. It's dry, dry and dry! The lack of moisture can make your extensions brittle and more prone to breakage. Think of it as a bad hair day but for your lashes. And the solution? Combat this with some lash-safe hydrating mists.

Lash care tip 1: Hydrating mists. A young woman spritzing lash-safe hydrating mist to keep her lashes hydrated and looking their best during winter.

By adding moisture to the air in your space, you'll not only keep your lashes happy but also breathe more comfortably. Additionally, lash-safe hydrating mists will help your lashes stay fabulous throughout the day.

Mind the Heat!

Indoor heating systems are a lifesaver during the cold months, but they can also be lash's worst enemy. Heated indoor spaces are the ultimate dryness culprits. They suck out every drop of moisture, making your lashes even thirstier.

A woman adjusting her heating system to maintain a moderate temperature, preventing her lashes from dehydrating during the winter

So set your indoor heating system to a lower, more comfortable temperature to maintain a bit of humidity. You can also place a bowl of water near the heating source to increase the moisture in the air.

2. Beware the Static

Winter is the season of static, and your lashes are not immune. The dry air in winter can turn your lashes into little clingy critters. Static electricity can make them cling together, resulting in a clumpy, less defined look. but you can put a stop to it with daily brushing.

Lash care tip 2: Beware the static. A woman brushing her eyelashes with a specialized lash extension-friendly soft brush to keep them looking fluttery and fabulous, preventing clumping and static during winter.

Prevent this by gently brushing them out daily. Gently brush from the base to the tips with a specialized lash extension-friendly cleanser and a soft brush to keep them looking fluttery and fabulous, not clingy and staticky.

3. Avoid Sudden Temperature Shift

One moment you're braving the winter chill, the next you're sipping a steaming hot cocoa by the fireplace. As you move from chilly outdoor air into toasty indoor spaces, it can be a shock to your lashes. This quick shift in temperature can leave your extensions damp.

A woman enjoying a cozy winter evening, reading a book by the fireplace with a steaming hot cocoa

Ease the transition by wearing glasses when moving between temperature extremes. They can act as a shield against condensation. Also, if you've been outside in the cold, give your lashes a little time to adjust before entering a heated space.

4. Protective Styling

Winter winds can be unforgiving. They may bend your lashes or, in the worst-case scenario, snatch a few away. Frequent exposure to wind, snow, and other elements can weaken lash retention.

A woman wearing a thick beanie and glasses, providing extra protection to her eyelashes during the cold winter months

To keep them in top shape, consider wrapping them up in a stylish winter hat or scarf when you're out and about. It's a chic solution that protects your lashes and keeps you warm. If you're a fan of winter sports, why not sport some protective eyewear to shield your lashes from those chilly gusts?

Lash care tip 4: Protective Styling.

From headbands to hats, protective styles are your allies against snow and cold winds. Whether you're donning a cute beanie or a fashionable headband, these protective styles can add an extra layer of protection against snow, wind, and cold temperatures. They'll help keep your lashes in great condition while ensuring you look your best during the winter season.

5. Restrain from Steamy Temptations

We all love a hot shower or a cozy sauna in winter. However, that steamy goodness isn't always lash-friendly. The heat can weaken the adhesive bond, leading to premature lash dropouts.

A woman taking a hot shower with a lash shield to protect her eyelash extensions from excess moisture and steam

Try using a shower eye mask protector or a lash shower shield when taking a steamy shower to protect your lashes. In saunas or steam rooms, keep a bit of distance from the source of steam; it'll help protect your lashes from excessive heat and moisture.

6. Always Bring Umbrella:

Sometimes, there's no escaping those unexpected encounters with snow or rain. This can lead to clumping or adhesive breakdown.

A woman carrying an umbrella in the rain to protect her eyelash extensions from moisture and humidity

So, keep a trusty umbrella or a waterproof hood in your winter arsenal. It'll shield your lashes from direct contact with water. If, by chance, your lashes do get a little wet, gently blot them with a tissue or a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can gently pat your lashes dry if they do get wet but no rubbing allowed!

Winter Lash Extension Care

Regular Lash Cleansing

Winter, with its wet and snowy conditions, can be harsh on lash extensions. Lash cleansing is key.

For proper lash extension cleansing, start by making sure you have everything you need. You'll require a lash cleanser, a soft brush (a clean mascara wand or a lash brush will work), a clean cloth/tower or lint-free cotton pads, and, most importantly, gentle, oil-free eye makeup remover.

Always use a lash-friendly cleanser, avoiding alcohol or fragranced products that can harm your lashes. Steer clear of oil-based items as well, as they can weaken the lash extension adhesive, leading to poor retention. We'll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to clean your lash extensions without compromising their integrity.

Step 1: Remove Eye Makeup

Cleanse your own hands with soap and water to ensure they're free of any dirt and oils before touching your lashes.
Dampen a lint-free cotton pad with your chosen oil-free eye makeup remover. Gently close your eyes and swipe the pad over your lashes and eyelids. Ensure that all makeup and residue are completely removed, but be gentle to avoid any tugging.

A woman removing eye makeup with oil-free eye makeup remover and a lint-free cotton pad by gently swiping the pad over her lashes and eyelids


Step 2: Clean Your Lashes

Dampen your soft brush (mascara wand or lash brush) with warm water. Avoid using hot water as it can weaken the adhesive of your lash extensions.

Apply a small amount of specialized and oil-free lash cleanser to your damp brush as oils can break down the adhesive and cause poor retention. The brush will help distribute the cleanser evenly across your lashes.

With your eyes closed, gently brush your lashes using the cleanser-laden brush. Begin at the base of your lash extensions and move outward. Be extremely gentle and avoid scrubbing or rubbing. This process helps remove any debris, excess oil, or cleanser buildup. Then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water to ensure that all the cleanser is washed away.

Step 3: Blot Dry

Gently pat your lashes dry with a clean cloth/towel or lint-free cotton pads. Again, avoid rubbing, as this can cause your lash extensions to become tangled or damaged.

A woman gently drying her lashes with lint-free cotton pads

Step 4: Brush Your Lashes

Once your lashes are dry, use your clean, dry brush to gently comb through them. This will help them regain their shape and separate any lashes that may have clumped together during the cleaning process.

Step 5: Maintain Regular Cleansing

To preserve the integrity of your lash extensions, repeat this cleaning routine regularly. Usually, once a day is sufficient, but you can adjust the frequency based on your activities and preferences.

Remember, proper cleaning ensures your lash extensions stay beautiful and comfortable. Avoid using any oil-based or waterproof makeup products near your lash extensions, as these can weaken the adhesive.

Using Lash Sealants/Super Bonder

A close-up of a super bonder/lash glue sealant product designed to enhance the care of lash extensions

Lash sealants or super bonder can be your winter savior, offering protection against the challenges of humidity and snow. Remember to consult your lash artist for personalized recommendations based on your specific needs. A quality lash sealant, combined with proper lash extension care, will help you enjoy magnificent lashes throughout the winter season.

Winter Lash Care FAQs

Let's address the burning questions about lash extensions during winter. Plus, we'll provide insights into re-lashing options for those dealing with weakened lashes due to winter challenges.
Q1. Can I get lash extensions in winter, or is it better to wait for warmer months?
You can absolutely get lash extensions in winter. The key is to maintain them properly by following the aftercare recommendations. Proper lash care will ensure your lashes remain beautiful even in cold weather.
Q2. Should I change my lash style for the winter season?
It might be a good idea to opt for a more dramatic or voluminous lash style during winter. These styles offer extra insulation against the cold, helping keep your eyes warm and cozy.
Q3. How can I maintain the curl of my lash extensions during the winter season?
Use a lash curler specifically designed for lash extensions to maintain the curl. Ensure it's clean and dry before use. Always curl your lashes before applying mascara if you choose to do so.
Q4. What should I do if I experience increased lash shedding in winter?
Slight increases in shedding are normal during winter. However, if you notice excessive shedding, consult your lash artist or technician for an assessment. They can offer guidance on maintaining your lash health.


Maintaining lash extensions in winter is all about care, protection, and embracing the season with confidence. By understanding the unique challenges and armed with the right knowledge and products, your lash game can remain strong and beautiful throughout the coldest months. Don't let winter hold you back – step out with stunning, well-preserved lash extensions and conquer the season in style!



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