Eyelash Serum 101: Unveile The FAQs You’ve Been Curious About

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Today, we're exploring the fascinating world of eyelash serum, where you can achieve your goals of having voluminous, fluttery lashes. Whether you're a lash artist seeking the perfect recommendation for your clients or a lash lover looking to boost your lash game, we've got the inside scoop on all things lash-tactic!

eyelash growth serum

What Is Eyelash Serum?

Lash growth serum is designed for application along the lash line to enhance eyelash density and intensity. The formula works by penetrating the hair follicles, amplifying their activity. Typically, lash serums incorporate ingredients known to stimulate or enhance the functionality of hair follicles, such as peptides, plant extracts, or prostaglandin analogs.

How Does It Work?

Due to their active ingredients, lash serums have different effects. Many of them have a water-based formula that is intended to penetrate the follicles at the base of the lashes.
Like any good potion, they’re brimming full of components that help to the spellbinding transformation of lashes. First, let's discover the “key players”:
Ingredients derived from prostaglandins: fatty acid molecules that are produced in the tissues, stimulate lashes to enter the growth phase (anagen) of the lash growth cycle, extending this stage.

  • Keratin: an inherent hair protein that contributes to hair strength and structure.
  • Biotin: supplements hair with essential nutrients for growth and overall health.
  • Sodium hyaluronate: preserves moisture within the hair.
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B5): nurtures and conditions the eyelashes.
  • Peptides: thought to activate hair growth at the follicular level.
  • Botanical extracts: offer diverse nourishing advantages.
  • Vitamins: foster the well-being of eyelashes.

Essentially, eyelash serums work by encouraging hair to grow longer and darker during the growth phase. The majority of contemporary serums primarily rely on peptides, comprised of short chains of amino acids, fundamental building blocks of proteins.

Is It Safe To Use?

Lash serums typically contain cosmetic chemicals that have been approved for use. However, given their application near the eyes, there are potential risks. Symptoms of allergic reactions or irritation around the eyes can include redness, swelling, itching, or dryness. It's best to conduct a patch test for a few days if you have sensitive eyes before adding the lash serum to your daily routine.

How To Choose The Right Serum For Your Lashes?

It can be intimidating to sort through the many eyelash serum options available out there. Fear not, we've got some pro tips to help you pick the best one:

  • Go for water-based formulas: While oil-based serums can nourish lashes, they might not penetrate and stimulate follicles effectively. For those dreamy, longer lashes, opt for water-based serums that go the extra mile.
  • Cost is important: Don't overspend on lash serums because consistency is important. Select a cost-effective method that produces outstanding outcomes without breaking the bank.
  • Clinically proven ingredients: Look for formulas backed by clinical testing for both safety and effectiveness. Knowing the science behind a product gives you insights into when results might appear and the kind of effects to expect.
  • Caution with prostaglandin analogs: Prostaglandin analogs may be potent, but they bring along side effects. Peptide and plant-based formulas can still work wonders without the extra baggage, so think twice before diving into prostaglandin territory.

How To Apply?

Now, prepare to have your lashes transformed with these easy-to-follow instructions for applying lash serum!

Step 1: Cleanse and prep the eye area

Start with clean eyes. Say goodbye to contact lenses and eye makeup, too—use a trusty makeup remover to sweep away the day. If your remover is oil-based, think about doing a double cleansing method with micellar water or a mild cleanser to get rid of any oil residue that could prevent the serum from penetrating. Lash extensions? Give them a thorough spa day with a lash shampoo and brush.

Step 2: Apply the upper lash line

Most lash serums come in a small tube with a little brush integrated into the cap. After unscrewing the cap, apply the lash serum from above along the base of your lash line with the brush. If you have hooded eyes, you can slightly pull on your lid to reveal the skin at the base of your lash line to ensure a closer application.
The liquid will do its job seeping in between the lashes, so you don’t need to worry about tight lining it on.

Step 3: Apply the lower lash line

Direct your attention to the lower lash line for the finishing touch. Using a downward brush motion, apply the eyelash serum just below your lower lash line—steer clear of the waterline for a hassle-free experience. The closer you get to the lash roots, the more effective the application.
Once you've completed this process, feel free to seamlessly continue with the rest of your evening routine!

Step 4: Remove any excess serum

Remove any leftover serum by gently wiping it out of the outer eye's corner to avoid irritation and the potential for hair growth elsewhere.
If you experience any irritation, apply the serum every second day to allow your eyes to adapt. Should the irritation persist or escalate into a severe reaction, stop using the product immediately.

When To Apply?

Eyelash serum should be used once every day. And the best time to apply is at nighttime when your lashes are clean and fresh. Ensuring ample time for the serum to absorb into lashes enables the active ingredients to effectively penetrate the hair shaft and deliver their benefits.. To maintain consistency, incorporate lash growth serum into nightly routine, just like brushing your teeth or flossing.

Can Eyelash Serum Be Used With Lash Extensions?

Of course! One of the best ways to keep your lashes healthy is to use lash serum, especially if you wear lash extensions. Apply the serums straight to the lash line without messing with the extensions. This compatibility arises because the serum adheres from below the lash line rather than from above it.

Can Eyelash Serum Make Natural Lashes Fall Out?

Starting to use a lash serum might coincide with lash loss, possibly because some lashes are in the telogen phase—a natural shedding stage in the lash hair cycle. Prostaglandin-derived serums reportedly induce the anagen phase (the growing phase) while lashes are already in their final stage. Consequently, stopping using lash growth products may lead to a reversion to the natural lash cycle, potentially resulting in a sparser appearance. It’s recommended for consistent use for sustained results.

lash growth cycle

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Who wouldn't want eyes that pop without the need for extensions or mascara? Dreaming of lashes that flutter like confetti in a breeze? Well, a fabulous eyelash serum is about to make your lash dreams come true!
Remember to always follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and be patient with your results. Each person's lash growth journey is unique, but with regular use of a high-quality eyelash serum, you're well on your way to fluttering those fabulous lashes for years to come.
So why wait? Give your lashes the love they deserve and indulge in the wonderful world of eyelash serums today!


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