1. What is W lash?

W lashes - an evolution and enhanced version of the YY lash. Originally, these lashes combine 3 lash strands, and boast a distinctive W shaped lash fan. As this lash type continued to evolve, we embraced more lashes to create a lush and fuller lash appearance, just for you, with a variety of seven W lash types to suit numerous styles.

Our W lash collection includes: 3D W, 4D W, 5D W, 6D W, Double 3D W, Double 4D W, and 5D W Wispy

W lashes are incredibly popular among lash artists and enthusiasts worldwide. They're the go-to choice for those looking to enhance their lash game, offering a beautiful and customizable look that's perfect for your clients.

2. What sets our Double 3D W Lashes apart?

Handmade weave art

Our Double 3D W lashes are handwoven to give your clients that cool natural crisscross look. It's like the perfect blend of classic and volume, adding extra volume for a stunning textured, layered, 3D look. Perfect for clients with sparse lashes, it's a game-changer in beauty.

Flat base

Double 3D W lashes' flat base ensures a strong bond for lashes that last 55% longer than regular ones. The long stem enhances adhesion to short natural lashes, creating a darker lash line that's captivating. Minimal adhesive, maximum impact.

Multiple tips

Get that fluffy, thicker, and voluminous effect with just one lash – it's like wearing multiple lashes. Lightweight and comfortable, our Double 3D W lashes redefine beauty, one blink at a time.

3. Why should you choose Double 3D W lash extensions?

Double 3D W Lashes are more than just a new design in the lash industry, they offer a lot of benefits that are hard to resist.

Enhanced volume

With multiple tips, W lashes stand out in the beauty landscape due to their unique W shape, contributing to enhanced volume and texture. This innovative design creates a fuller lash appearance, elevating the overall aesthetic of the eyes.

Unlike traditional lashes, the W shape allows for a more dynamic lash line, providing a captivating and voluminous effect. You can effortlessly achieve a bold and impactful look for their clients, making W lashes a preferred choice for those seeking enhanced volume and a distinctive lash style.

Time and cost saver

Double 3D W lashes function similarly to premade fans but are applied like classic lashes. This feature allows lash artists to save a significant amount of lashing time while still achieving volume fans.

Additionally, our Double 3D W lashes are packed like individual lashes, leaving no gaps between lashes. This ensures the maximum quantity of lashes per strip, providing a cost-effective solution. This is particularly advantageous for lash technicians dealing with a high volume of clients daily or during busy seasons.

Amazing Retention

The flatter base and longer stem ensure a wider and longer adhesion area, fostering a stronger bond with natural lashes. This results in enhanced retention and prolonged wear, which has been recorded to have 55% longer retention than regular lashes.

Eyeliner Effect

The straight long stem base creates a darker lash line, akin to the eyeliner effect, adding definition to your clients’ eyes.
Weightless Volume: The multiple tips allow you to build volume and texture without adding extra weight, providing a quick and easy method for achieving full, fluffy volume. They are the ideal solution for filling in sparse lash lines.

Easy application

Double 3D W lashes go on just like a classic lash and because they have that really long base, these lashes adhere seamlessly to your client's lashes in just a few seconds.

Natural looking

Unlike other Double 3D W lashes that have their tips spread wider, our Double 3D W lashes have straight tips with the tips closed together, creating a softer, volume effect. The matte, deep black finish provides a natural yet dramatic look, allowing for darker lash styles.

Suitable for All Customers: Double 3D W lashes are ultra-lightweight, making them suitable for all types of clients, including those with weak, short, or thin lashes, and especially sparse lashes.

Customized looks

With a selection of curls, lengths, and thickness options, Double 3D W-shaped lashes offer the flexibility for personalized and versatile looks

4. Who are Double 3D W lashes suitable for?

Clients with sparse or thin natural lashes

Double 3D W lashes bridge the gap for optimal fullness. Flat base makes the lashes lighter and better adhering, suitable for thin weak natural lashes

Clients that want a unique look

Our W lashes is like a multi-tip trident. This unique shape offers a more dynamic and textured appearance compared the uniformed symmetrical look of traditional premade fans, adding depth and dimension to the lash line. This design contributes to a bolder and eye-catching effect, along with the long stem that create eyeliner effect, forming a captivating and unique lash style. It's great for those clients who want a whole new different look.

Clients who want short lashing time but desire volume effect

As Double 3D W lashes are applied like classic lashes, they save a lot of time for both clients and lash artists, while still delivering a beautifully voluminous effect, much like volume lashes. In essence, Double 3D W Lashes give you the best of both worlds, combining the charm of classic lashes with the allure of volume.

Clients who don’t have time for lash refills

The flat base of Double 3D W lashes forms a strong bond, ensuring impressive retention. With longer retention, maintenance is minimized, providing your clients with the delight of a long-lasting lash set.

5. How to apply Double 3D W lashes?

How to pick up

To ensure they maintain their unique shape, pick up the lashes halfway between the top and bottom of the extension, at the straight base just before it splits into multiple tips, and then apply them as you would a classic extension

How to apply

For optimal results, position them on the top of natural lashes to ensure a stronger bond and superior retention. Avoid side placement, as it can result in an unnatural appearance and increased risk of lashes falling out

6. Packaging feature

As a go-green brand, Lii Lash is dedicated to using environmentally friendly boxes. 80% of our packaging boxes are crafted from paper materials, which have a faster breakdown rate compared to standard plastic packaging. It means that customers can use our products without concerns about harming the environment. We hold a strong commitment to protecting the planet as it is our social responsibility.

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We have MSDS and SGS Certificates that ensure the safety of our products

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Double 3D W Lashes

Double 3D W Lashes


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Customize your own order from material, thickness, length, curl,...

Short description

Introducing Double 3D W Lashes – the latest innovation for achieving fast and easy ultra volume effects. As an upgraded version from 3DW lashes, with 6 lash strands, the Double 3D lashes offer an intensified volume effect, providing a fuller and more dramatic look.

Double 3D W have lash strands paired up, contributing to a thicker overall texture, ensuring a bolder and more noticeable appearance. Despite their increased thickness, these lashes maintain the convenience of application, just like classic lashes, making it easy for lash artists to achieve a stunning result efficiently.

✓ Crafted with a handmade weave, W lashes provide a natural crisscross, perfect for achieving a fuller, textured look, especially for those with sparse lashes.

✓ The flat base and long stem ensure 55% longer retention, guaranteeing a lasting lash set.

✓ Benefit from time and cost savings as W Lashes seamlessly function like premade fans, applying effortlessly within seconds, similar to classic lashes. Packed like individual lashes with no gaps, W Lashes present a cost-effective alternative to premade fans.

✓ Bridging the gap between Classic and Volume, W Lashes promise a stunning look in record time.

Dive into the magic of W Lashes and elevate your lash experience today!

Key features

  • Handmade Weave Art: Natural crisscross for a fuller & stunning textured appearance, ideal for sparse lashes.
  • Flat base and long stem provide 55% longer lash retention, creating a darker lash line.
  • Multiple Tips: Offers a fluffy, thicker, voluminous effect with just one lash, no extra weight.
  • Time and Cost Saver: Functions like premade fans, applies like classic lashes, saving time; packed individually with no gaps for an economical option.
  • Easy Application: Applies like a classic lash, adhering seamlessly within seconds with its long base.
  • Natural Looking: Matte, deep black finish for a natural yet dramatic look.
    Made of high quality German PBT fiber, cruelty-free, no animal testing
  • Soft, super lightweight, comfortable to wear
  • Super dense, no kink, knot free
  • Stable curls, no bluish, no greenish
  • Formaldehyde-free and latex-free
  • Available in 0.05mm & 0.07mm
  • Available in 7 different W-shapes

How to use

1. Remove old lashes with Cream remover using cleansing brushes or tweezers.

2. Wet eyelashes and start deep-cleansing with Lash shampoo.

3. Use Protein Remover to remove impurities and moisturize natural lashes

4. Gently brush Primer over the base of the lash extension and the real lashes to accelerate drying time of adhesive.

5. Dip lashes in Adhesive and begin the extension process.

6. Carefully dab the Super bonder onto the glued area and allow it to dry for 1-2 minutes to fasten the curing time and enhance the bonding area

How to store

  • Store lashes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the room temperature below 30 Celsius degrees.
  • Keep them sealed in their container without opening when not in use.
  • Place lashes on a shelf to prevent damage from direct contact with the ground.

Product properties

  • Soft, lightweight
  • Cruelty-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Latex-free
  • 100% synthetic
  • Residue-free bases & tape strip
  • Knot free
  • Not kink

Made to order

Lii Lash creates the "made to order" order to apply for the customer who wants to customize their products that are hard to find on the market or out of stock on our site.

Please send your information to our email: or leave us your order HERE

Private label

1. Black lashes: MOQ is 100 trays total, & 10 trays/size (lengths, diameter) 

2. Colored lashes MOQ is 50/item, & 10 trays/size (lengths, diameter, curl) 

Please send your information to our email: or leave us your order HERE

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