Magnetic Lashes: Things You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered how tiny magnets may enchantly connect fake to your natural eyelashes, or work their way through a unique eyeliner? Let's enter and discuss the beauty revolution of magnetic lashes in this blog!


What are Magnetic Lashes?

Introduced to the market in 2014 by Katy Stoka, the founder of One Two Cosmetics, magnetic lashes have revolutionized the world of false eyelashes.
The design of magnetic lashes emphasizes the usage of magnetic attraction. In essence, magnetic lash producers create these lashes by combining two magnetic strips. One strip contains tiny magnets, while the other comprises magnetic particles shaped like a magnetic liner.
Unlike traditional false lashes, which require adhesive application, magnetic eyelashes simplify the process by eliminating the need to apply glue to your eyelids. Additionally, they preserve the integrity of your natural lash line and allow for reuse. Research on magnetic lashes has taken much time and work, confirming user-friendliness and safety.

What are The Ingredients in The Magnetic Eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliners are formulated with iron oxides, specifically black, chosen for their magnetic properties. With the tiny magnets included in the magnetic eyelashes, this specific mineral helps to create a magnetic attraction. Notably, iron oxide is an FDA-approved ingredient widely used in various cosmetic products due to its safety profile. The synthetic nature of the iron oxide employed in magnetic lashes and liners aligns with beauty regulatory guidance, ensuring compliance with industry standards and safety in cosmetic use.

Types of magnetic lashes

Clip-on Magnetic Lashes

This type, which is called the sandwich technique, comes in sets of two, with the upper and lower parts meant to attach to magnets. To apply, put these pieces along your lash line and tuck your natural lashes in between the top and bottom sections so that the magnets link the two pieces together flawlessly.
Notably, this method is unsuitable for individuals with thinning or short natural lashes. Like glue-on lashes, placing the top and bottom pieces precisely on natural lashes is necessary to achieve the desired effect.

Magnetic Eyeliner with Lashes

The second type of magnetic lashes consists of two parts: a magnetic eyeliner and a set of lashes with five or more implanted micromagnets in each lash. Unlike the clip-on lashes mentioned earlier, there is no need for the intricate positioning of the upper and lower pieces. Applying requires lining the lash line with the magnetic eyeliner, letting it dry, and then putting the lashes close together. The lashes seamlessly snap into place, providing a quicker and simpler alternative. Since each lash has five micro magnets, it's easy to remove one, adjust it to the right location, and then snap it back into place.

Pros and Cons

The Pros

The application method is initially simple and fast, enabling gorgeous appearances in a matter of minutes. Given that they require no glue or adhesive, their reusability stands out as a notable feature. Also, maintaining them in excellent condition extends their lifespan, providing value for money.
Magnetic eyelashes have a more natural appearance compared to standard fake lashes that adhere to the natural lash line with glue or tape. This produces a softer finish, which enhances the ideal appearance.
An important advantage of magnetic lashes is the time saved once the application technique is mastered. Furthermore, their distinct construction from glue-on lashes renders them more robust, and capable of withstanding a bit of rough handling.

The Cons

Despite their benefits, magnetic eyelashes come with some drawbacks. Firstly, they can be more expensive than traditional false eyelashes with lash glue or tape. While the cost may not be an issue for everyone, it's worth considering if budget is a concern.
The requirement for a magnetic liner to guarantee correct operation, which adds a step to your beauty process, is another drawback. It also takes some trial and error to properly position the magnets before applying the lashes.
Lastly, people with sensitive eyes or allergies to the eyes may find that magnetic eyelashes are not ideal for them. Therefore, these people should stay away from magnetic alternatives.

Are magnetic lashes dangerous?

Magnetic lashes are safe if applied appropriately and sparingly; they cause no risk to natural eyelashes, especially when combined with magnetic eyeliner. On the other hand, frequent usage of the clipping/clinging method can strain hair follicles and harm your lashes.
While generally considered harmless, magnetic eyeliner can cause allergies and pose risks if it contacts the eyes. It's imperative to use caution when handling these items and follow the manufacturer's directions for application and removal. It is recommended to do patch testing 24 to 48 hours before usage to identify any possible reactions. 


Magnetic eyelashes stand out as a genuine beauty innovation, revolutionizing the application of false lashes. They eliminate the struggles and mess associated with traditional methods, serving as a game-changer in the realm of false lashes. Offering an easy-to-use and damage-free alternative to both traditional lash glue and eyelash extensions, magnetic eyelashes represent a noteworthy advancement in the beauty industry.


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