Everything about Premade Fan, Promade Loose Fans and Ultra Speed Fans

Struggling with backache from creating lash fans all day? Feeling overwhelmed by the world of lash extensions? Or maybe you're a hustling lash artist seeking to serve more clients in less time? We've got you covered!

This blog dives deep into the world of premade lash fans, exploring the three main types – premade, promade, and ultra-speed pomade fans. We'll break down their differences, highlight their strengths, and guide you towards the perfect option for your lash artistry needs.

Forget the tedious process of crafting individual lash fans. Premade fans are individual lashes pre-bonded at the base into a fan-like structure, ready for instant application. This translates to faster application times, a consistent lash look, and less physical strain – a win-win for both you and your clients.

But the magic doesn't stop there! Premade fans come in a dazzling array of shapes, lengths, thicknesses, and materials, allowing you to create a variety of lash styles.

Differentiate Premade, Promade & Ultra-Speed Fans

We've explored the core differences between premade, promade, and ultra-speed pomade fans. Now, let's zoom in on how their packaging influences application and the final lash look.


While all three types can come in various shapes, here's a breakdown based on packaging:

  • Premade Fans: Premade volume lashes come ready-made on trays, skipping fan creation for faster application like classic lashes
  • Promade Fans: Promade fans are essentially premade fans that look more handmade, like a lash artist crafted them. They might have different names, but the lashes themselves are similar, just packaged differently.
  • Ultra-Speed Pomade Fans: Ultra-speed lash fans come in small boxes with trays. Fans are pre-arranged for easy pick-up and application. Boxes may include info on lash material, curl, thickness, and quantity.


  • Premade: The Customization King! Offering the widest range of options, choose from various fan shapes (dramatic, natural, or hyper-realistic), base lengths (easier application or specific styles), and even materials (silk or mink) for ultimate personalization.
  • Promade: The Customization Contender! Similar to premade fans, promade fans offer a wide selection of shapes, lengths, and materials. However, some brands might have slight variations, so always check their offerings.
  • Ultra-Speed Pomade: Limited Customization Choices. Due to the pre-applied adhesive potentially impacting bonding with certain shapes and base sizes, ultra-speed pomade fans often have a more limited selection.

Choosing Your Perfect Lash Fan

  • Premade: Ideal for beginners, busy lash artists, and achieving consistent looks with maximum control over customization.
  • Promade: Ideal for lash artists who prefer a potentially more durable premade option while still offering wide customization.
  • Ultra-Speed Pomade: Ideal for maximizing application speed while maintaining some premade fan benefits. However, be aware of the limitations in customization and the potential need for trial and error to find the perfect pre-made fan due to limited size and shape options.

Durability: Some promade fans might be advertised as potentially more durable due to a higher quality adhesive or heat-bonded base. Always check brand details.

Learning Curve: All three options are generally easier to use than creating individual fans from scratch. Premade and promade fans might require slightly less practice than ultra-speed pomade due to the pre-applied adhesive.

Here's a table summarizing the key differences:

Premade Fans

Pomade Loose Fans

Ultra-Speed Pomade Fans

Application Time

Fastest (*)



Skill Level Required 




Customization Options

Wide range (fan shape, base, dimension, material)

Moderate (fan shape, dimension, material)

Limited (pre-made fans, may have limited size options)




Most Affordable


* Fastest application  Consistent lash look 

* Easy to learn 

* Wide range of customization

* More affordable 

* More control over fan creation

*Very fast application 

* Easy to learn (similar to premade fans)


* Less customization compared to loose fans 

* May require trial and error to find the perfect pre-made fan

* Requires creating fans, which takes time 

* Requires some skill and practice

* Limited customization options 

* May not be suitable for highly customized looks