Double-layered Easy Fan Lashes: The Future of Lash Extensions

As a lash professional dedicated to delivering top-notch lash services, you're constantly on the lookout for the latest, most effective innovations to create stunning lash sets while cutting down on costs and time.

That's where Easy Fan Lashes come in. These game-changers simplify the process of creating voluminous lash fans, enhancing beauty for clients and streamlining procedures for technicians like yourself. 

And today, we're thrilled to introducte our latest advancement in easy fan lashes from Lii Lash: Double Layered Easy Fan Lashes.

The Story Behind Double Layered Easy Fan Lashes

Creating volume fans from individual lashes has always posed a challenge, even for advanced lash artists. The loose bases of individual lashes make it difficult to achieve the desired volume and symmetry, while premade fans often require extensive inventory and come with high costs.

Recognizing these obstacles, the concept of Easy Fan lashes has emerged, featuring a thin glue layer at the base to keep lash strands together when picked. Our original Easy Fan lash extensions boasted a square base, offering easy application and versatility across Lii Lash's six materials, making them suitable for both seasoned professionals and beginners alike.

However, in response to the diverse demands of customers and lash artists, we've developed a new Easy Fan lash innovation.

Building upon this foundation, we proudly present the Double Layered Easy Fan Lashes for a more natural yet stunning look. Retaining the core features of Easy Fan lashes, our Double-layered Easy Fan lashes include an additional 1mm layer of glue that helps lash strands stay together when picked up.

What's new at Double Layered Easy Fan lashes?


As the name suggests, these lashes offer two layers of lashes per strip for enhanced definition, boldness, thickness, and a more natural appearance. Not only are they quicker to apply, but they also require less glue, ensuring a seamless and efficient lash extension experience.


Key features of our Double-layerd easy fan lashes

Similar to 1-layered easy fan lash trays, our 2-layered Easy Fan lashes also feature glue at the base, ensuring that lashes stay together when picked from the strip. This sticky base prevents lash separation and enables quick fan creation. However, in addition to these features, our Double-layered Easy Fan lashes boast several outstanding characteristics:

  • Double-layer design for twice the thickness of regular lashes
  • Two different lengths for a textured and natural look
  • Advanced glue heating technology ensures firmness and perfect flowering effect
  • Thin base with no glue residue requires minimal adhesive

Other features of Double-layered easy fan:

  • Made of Velvet Mink (cruelty-free German PBT fiber, no animal testing)
  • Lightweight feel for comfortable, all-day wear
  • no bluish or greenish
  • Dense, knot-free lashes without kinks
  • Lashes maintain a curls over time
  • Soft, super lightweight, comfortable to wear
  • Latex-free, and formaldehyde-free
  • Available in different curls, thicknesses, and lengths.

Advantages of Double Layered Easy Fan Lashes

1. Time-saving

As the name suggests, easy fanning lashes make the lash application process easier and faster compared to traditional individual lash extensions.

With a unique glue layer, easy fanning volume lashes help lashes stay together when picked up, easily making fan in within seconds. It quickens the time and effort for manually fanning out each lash, enabling lash artists to complete a full set in a shorter time.


2. More volume and fullness

Unlike traditional Easy Fan lashes, which have only one layer of lashes, our Easy Fan 2 Layer lashes boast a unique double-layer design, providing twice the thickness of regular lashes. This delivers unparalleled volume for a stunning and impactful lash appearance.


3. Textured and Natural Look

With two different lengths in each lash, Double-layered Easy lash fans create a textured and natural look. This design innovation adds depth and dimension to enhance the overall aesthetic.

This innovation makes it easier for lash artists to create fuller, more textured looks effortlessly. With double the lashes, clients achieve a natural yet dramatic effect, enhancing their overall beauty.

Additionally, Lii Lash can be customized to include three layers with three different lengths for an even more staggered and textured look, upon request.


4. Stable fans

By harnessing cutting-edge glue heating technology, we ensure the firmness of the lash base and achieve the perfect flowering effect. This innovative technology not only enhances the overall lash structure but also contributes to the superior stability and symmetry of the fans.

5. Longer Retention Time

The double-layered structure of Easy Fan Double Layer lashes contributes to their durability, resulting in a longer retention time. Clients can enjoy a prolonged period of showcasing their voluminous and well-defined lash look.

6. Thin Base for Minimal Adhesive

Our new Easy Fan lashes feature a thin 1mm-long glue layer. Despite their thickness, Easy Fan Layer lashes maintain a thin base, leaving no glue residue. This unique feature requires minimal adhesive, reducing the risk of clumping, and offers a lightweight feel for clients, ensuring comfortable wear throughout the day. Additionally, the thin base facilitates easy and smooth application, making the lash extension process a breeze for technicians.


7. Ultra lightweight

Our double-layered lashes are crafted from Velvet Mink Material, which features innovative Hollow technology. This technology creates three holes inside the body of the lashes, helping to reduce lash weight by 30% compared to normal lashes.


8. Suitable for all lash artists

For new lash artists, Easy Fan lashes are a lifesaver. The sticky base prevents the struggles in creating lash fans, allowing you to effortlessly craft stunning lash fans with ease.

For advanced lash artists, they are a time-saver as they expedite the fan-making process, reducing the overall time required for lash sets.



Doyble-layered easy fan lashes vs Regular individual lashes


With many features similar to individual lashes, you might wonder what sets these two apart. Let's break down the key differences between these two options to help you make an informed decision.

1. Base Stability

Individual Lashes: Traditional individual lashes often come with a loose base, posing a challenge for lash artists to create uniform fans.

Double-layered Easy Fan Lashes: With Double layered Easy Fan Lashes, the fans stay together effortlessly, thanks to a thin glue layer. Say goodbye to struggling with loose bases and hello to perfectly formed fans every time!

2. Quantity per Strip

Easy Fan 2 Layer Lashes offer double the number of lash strands per strip, enabling quicker and more efficient application.

3. Thickness and Boldness

Individual Lashes: While individual lashes provide a natural look, they may lack the thickness and boldness desired for a dramatic effect.
Easy Fan 2-Layer Lashes: With twice the thickness, Easy Fan 2- Layer Lashes deliver bold and dramatic results, instantly elevating your lash set to the next level. Plus, they reduce the number of lash strips needed for a lash set.

4. Length Consistency

As our lashes don't have a single specific length across the lash line, mimicking the textured length of natural lashes, Easy Fan  2-Layer Lashes with multiple lengths create a more textured and natural lash look. This reduces the need for lash artists to mix lengths for a lash set, unlike Individual Lashes that offer consistent length across the entire strip, requiring lash artists to mix lengths to avoid a uniform look.

In summary, Easy Fan Double-layered Lashes emerge as the clear winner when compared to traditional individual lashes. With their stable base, increased quantity per strip, enhanced thickness, and natural length, Easy Fan Double-layered Lashes provide a hassle-free and stunning lash extension experience.


Double-layered Easy Fan Lashes vs Premade Fan Lashes

1. Cost-Effectiveness:

While providing a convenient fan solution for lash artists, premade fan lashes can be quite expensive. In contrast, Easy Fan Lashes are typically more affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for lash enthusiasts.

2. Quantity per Strip:

Easy Fan Lashes are packed with lash strands without any gaps between them, allowing you to serve more clients per strip. Additionally, being two-layered, you get twice the number of fans per strip, enabling greater efficiency during application. On the other hand, premade fan lashes come with fewer fans per strip, potentially requiring constant additional strips and stocks to complete a full set of lashes.

3. Stock Required & Customization:

A standout feature of Easy Fan Lashes is the ability to easily customize the dimensions of each fan without the need for extensive stock. With premade fan lashes, you need stock for each dimension (e.g., 6D, 7D, etc.), which requires a larger inventory for each specific size. This can lead to inventory management challenges and increased costs for lash technicians.

Easy Fan Lashes, on the other hand, like individual lashes, offer you the ability to craft any fans at any dimensions you like, providing greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness.


In conclusion, the choice between easy fan lashes or individual lashes or premade fan lashes ultimately comes down to your budget, preferences, and application needs. If you're looking for a cost-effective option with greater customization and efficiency, easy fan lashes are the way to go. 

Whichever option you choose, rest assured that all Lii Lash's lashes have their own unique benefits, ensuring beautiful and flawless lash extensions every time!