Lii Lash's All Lash Offerings: Did you Know?

Feeling overwhelmed by the ever-evolving world of lash extensions? You're not alone! Whether you're a newbie lash artist or a seasoned pro, navigating the latest trends and choosing the perfect lash type can feel like a constant battle.

But fear not, lash fam! This blog is your one-stop guide to conquering the world of lash extensions. We'll break down the different types, explore their unique characteristics, and most importantly, show you when to use each one to achieve best results.


1. Individual Lashes: The Classics with Endless Potential

Individual lashes are like tiny, separate eyelashes that come in a long strip. This offers the most customization and control over the final look.

  • Thicknesses: Classic, Volume, and Mega Volume
  • Lengths: 6-25mm
  • Curls: all curls

At Lii Lash, we offer a variety of 6 high-quality materials to suit every preference: Cashmere Silk, Premium Silk, Faux Mink, Super Mink, Premium Mink, Velvet Faux Mink

Each material has its own unique properties when it comes to:

  • Softness: How comfortable the lashes will feel on your eyes.
  • Color: How deep and rich the black color is.
  • Weight: How light or heavy the lashes will feel on your natural lashes.
  • Sheen: How shiny or matte the lashes appear.
  • Taper: How the thickness of the lash gradually decreases from the base to the tip, impacting the naturalness of the look.


    • Affordable: Individual lashes are generally the most cost-effective option.
    • Highly Customizable: Lash artists can create a variety of looks, from classic natural to dramatic volume, by using different lash attributes.


      • Time-Consuming: Creating volume sets with individual lashes requires more time and skill to make handmade fans, so they are not recommended for beginners, but individual lashes are the best materials for lash artists to practice.

      2. Flat Lashes: The Retention and Volume Powerhouse

      Flat lashes are special type of individual lashes with a flat base and a split tip. This design offers superior retention and a "doubling-up" effect for increased volume without adding weight.

      Features: Lii Lash offers flat lashes in:

      • Material: German PBT (known for its high quality and durability)
      • Thickness: Classic (ideal for clients seeking a touch of added volume without significant weight)


      • Increased Retention: The flat base offers a larger bonding surface for 40% improved glue adhesion.
      • Volume Boost: The split tip creates a "double lash" effect, enhancing volume without adding significant weight.
      • Great for Thin Lashes: Flat lashes are ideal for clients with fine or weak natural lashes as they add volume without extra weight.
      • Ultra Comfort: Flat lashes are 70% lighter than regular lashes, thanks to their unique design. This translates to a weightless, comfortable feel for clients, especially those with sensitive eyes.
      • Faster Application: Flat lashes can potentially reduce application time compared to classic individual lashes because they create a fuller look with fewer lashes.


        • Flat Base Requires More Glue: Due to the larger surface area, flat lashes might require slightly more glue for secure attachment. Using too much glue can lead to sticky, clumpy lashes. Lash artists need to adjust their dipping technique to avoid overloading the base with glue. 

        3. Easy Fan Lashes: Speed Up Your Fan-Making Game

        Easy fan lashes are individual lashes with a specially sticky base, allowing them to fan out more easily during application.
        Features: Lii Lash offers easy fan lashes in:

        • Materials: All materials available (Cashmere Silk, Premium Silk, etc.)
        • Thicknesses: Volume only (due to the focus on creating fans)


        • Faster Application: The pre-glued base significantly speeds up the process of creating volume fans compared to classic individual lashes.
        • Symmetrical Fans: The slight stickiness helps create beautiful, symmetrical fans for a flawless lash set.
        • Beginner-Friendly: Easy fan lashes are perfect for lash artists who are new to volume lashing or those who want to reduce application time.


        • Limited Thickness Options: Easy fan lashes are primarily available in volume thicknesses.

        4. Double-Layered Easy Fan Lashes: Texture and Efficiency Combined

        Double-layered easy fan lashes elevate the concept of easy fans by incorporating two layers of lashes glue-bonded together at the base.

        These lashes share the core benefit of easy fan lashes - sticky base for faster fan creation. They add a unique twist:

        • Double Layers: With double layers, these lashes are twice as thick as regular ones, providing impactful volume and a defined appearance.
        • Velvet Faux Mink Material: Crafted with hollow technology, these lashes are remarkably lightweight – 30-40% lighter than traditional lashes.
        • Textured, Natural Look: Featuring two different lengths across its two layers, the double-layered lash with a dual-length design creates a dimensional, textured effect that mimics natural lashes beautifully.
        Benefits: Double-layered easy fan lashes combine the advantages of easy fans with additional features:
        • Cost-Effective: Each strip features two layer of lashes, offering a more voluminous look without doubling the cost
        • Lightweight Comfort: The hollow-core, velvet faux mink material ensures comfortable wear for clients.
        • Pointy Base: Unlike regular easy fan lashes, double-layered lashes create fans with pointy bases. This allows for minimal glue application while still ensuring a secure and lightweight lash set.


        • Limited Availability: Double-layered easy fan lashes are only available in Velvet Faux Mink material and volume thickness only (due to the focus on creating fans)

        5. Colored Lashes: A Touch of Playful Vibrancy

        Colored lashes add a touch of fun and personality to any lash set. They come in various colors and combinations to suit different preferences.

        Features: Lii Lash offers a dazzling array of colored lash options:

        • Multicolored: Pre-made combinations of different colors within a single strip.
        • Mixed colored: Mix and match vibrant colors pallete.
        • Single colored: A solid block of color for a bold statement.
        • Brown colored: Classic alternative for black lashes, offering a subtle way to enhance the natural look for clients who prefer a softer touch.


        • Party-Ready: Colored lashes are perfect for adding a playful touch to special occasions, festivals, or simply for clients who love bold looks.
        • Unique and Eye-Catching: They offer a way to personalize lash sets and express individual style.

        6. Premade-Promade Fans: Speed and Symmetry 

        Premade fans, also known as Promade fans, as the name suggest, are already-made fans that are pre-bonded together at the base. This eliminates the need for lash artists to create fans manually, significantly speeding up the application process.

        • Faster Lashing: Premade fans are a lifesaver during busy seasons or for lash artists who want to optimize their time.
        • Beautiful Symmetry: These pre-made fans guarantee a consistent, symmetrical look that enhances the overall aesthetics of the lash set.
        • Beginner-Friendly: Perfect for lash artists who are new to volume lashing or who want to avoid the time and practice required for manual fan creation.
        • Pointy Base: The pointy base facilitates fast and easy application while requiring minimal adhesive for a lightweight feel.


        • Cost: Premade fans are generally more expensive than individual lashes, as the pre-made nature adds to the production cost.
        • Limited Customization & Large inventory: Unlike individual lashes, premade fans come in pre-determined sizes and volumes. This limits the ability to completely customize the look for each client. (For example, you can create a 3D, 4D, or 5D fan from a single tray of individual lashes, but premade fans require purchasing a separate box for each desired dimension).

        Lii Lash Advantage: We cater to your needs with three distinct premade fan packaging options:

        • Premade Fan: These offer a convenient way to pick up lashes for easy application and come in a variety of lengths.
        • Pomade Loose Fan: This option provides optimal price and lash capacity for experienced lash artists.
        • Ultra Speed Fan: These fans are specifically designed for optimal shipping cost reduction by minimizing weight and space.

        7. W and YY Lashes: Filling the Gaps with Finesse

        W and YY lashes are a unique type of premade fan with a special twist – literally! These fans have a "twisted" base, where the lashes are bonded together in a specific way to create a more open and natural look.

        • Filling the Gaps: The twisted design allows these lashes to seamlessly integrate into a client's natural lashes, effectively filling any gaps and creating a fuller appearance.
        • Flat Base & Long stem: The flat base offers several advantages:
          • Darker Lash Line: It provides a denser appearance at the base of the lash line for a bolder look.
          • Easier Application: The flat base facilitates easier pick-up and application compared to round bases.
          • Increased Retention: The wider base and long stem create a stronger bond with the natural lash, resulting in potentially longer retention time (up to 55% longer than regular lashes).
        • Multiple Tips: W and YY lashes have multiple lash tips compared to standard premade fans, contributing to a significant volume effect.
        • Handmade Weave Art: This unique feature creates a natural-looking crisscross pattern that bridges gaps for extra volume while maintaining a subtle, natural aesthetic.


        • Sparse Lashes Savior: Perfect for clients with sparse natural lashes as the design helps fill gaps and create a fuller look.
        • Economical Volume: These lashes offer a cost-effective way to achieve volume, providing a similar number of lashes per strip as individual lashes, but with the ease of application of premade fans.
        • Easy Application: The flat base and pre-made volume significantly simplify application, making them easier to use compared to creating volume fans with individual lashes.
        • Natural Looking: Unlike traditional premade fans that are straight, these lashes mimic the natural crisscrossing pattern of your own lashes. This unique design creates subtle definition and adds volume without appearing overly dramatic. 

        8. Spike Lashes: Edgy Style in a Flash

        Spike lashes are premade fans featuring multiple lash strands bonded together from tip to toe, creating a bold spiky effect.

        • Wispy Lash Magic: These lashes are ideal for creating wispy lash sets with a dramatic, edgy look.
        • Premade Boldness: No extra steps are needed – spike lashes come pre-made, offering a bold, edgy look without additional manipulation.

        Customization at Lii Lash: We understand that preferences vary! Lii Lash offers the ability to customize the number of lash strands per spike lash to achieve your desired level of drama.

        9. Wispy Fans: Effortless Volume, Seamless Blend

        Wispy fans are a special type of premade fan that combines even volume fans (like 4D, 6D, or 8D) with a single spike lash.

        • Effortless Wispy Style: These pre-made combinations save time and ensure a flawless wispy look with perfect lash placement.
        • Economical Solution: Wispy fans offer a more cost-effective alternative to purchasing separate premade volume fans and spike lashes.
        • Lii Lash Advantage: We cater to a variety of wispy preferences with a range of options available in 3D, 5D, 7D, 9D, and 11D.


        The journey through lash extension styles has showcased a remarkable spectrum of possibilities. From classic elegance to dramatic volume, and from natural-looking textures to playful colors, the world of lash extensions is your oyster.

        Remember, the key to creating perfect lash sets lies in understanding your client's desires and tailoring the style accordingly. With the knowledge you've gained about lash thickness, length, curl, material, and the unique benefits of different types, you're well-equipped to craft personalized masterpieces.

        Don't be afraid to experiment and explore! With practice and the vast array of lash extension styles at your disposal, you can transform eyes and boost confidence, one lash at a time.