Anime Lash Style

The world of beauty is constantly evolving, and lately, there's been a surge in dramatic eye looks inspired by the captivating world of anime. Enter Anime Lashes – a trend that takes inspiration from the exaggerated features of your favorite anime characters, transforming your eyes into wide, expressive windows to your soul.

Anime Lashes are all about natural, long thin or dram, volume, and a touch of the fantastical. Think long, fluffy lashes that flutter with every blink, mimicking the large, expressive eyes often seen in popular anime. Whether you're channeling the wide-eyed innocence of a magical girl or the fierce allure of a powerful warrior princess, Anime Lashes offer a way to express your inner anime fan and create a truly captivating look.

What are Anime Lashes?

Anime Lashes are essentially false eyelashes designed to replicate the exaggerated features of anime characters. These lashes are typically longer, thicker, and more voluminous than your natural lashes, creating a dramatic and eye-catching effect. Unlike natural-looking lashes, the focus here is on creating a wider, brighter, or more defined eye shape, depending on the specific style you choose.

While there's a certain level of versatility within the realm of Anime Lashes, three distinct styles dominate the scene:


Doe-eyed lash map prioritizes lengthening the outer corners of your lashes, creating a wide-eyed, innocent look. Imagine the large, sparkling eyes of a magical girl anime protagonist, and you'll get the picture.

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  • Curl: Achieve the doe-eyed effect with dramatic curls like C, D, or L curls for a lifted, fluttery look.
  • Length: Mix lash lengths strategically! Shorter lengths (8mm-12mm) near the inner corners transition to longer lengths (up to 18mm) at the outer corners, creating an elongated, eye-opening effect.
  • Thickness: For a natural yet voluminous look that complements the doe-eyed aesthetic, choose lashes between 0.10mm and 0.18mm in thickness.


This style emphasizes the outer corners with a sharper lift, exuding a fierce and alluring vibe. Picture the smoldering gaze of a powerful anime heroine and you'll understand the cat-eye approach.

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  • Curl: Similar to the doe-eyed style, a dramatic curl (C or D curl)
  • Length: the longest lashes concentrated towards the outer corners (9mm to 14mm).
  • Thickness: Maintain a natural yet voluminous look with thin to medium thickness lashes (0.08mm to 0.18mm).


For a lighter, dreamier effect, the Wispy Anime Lash style utilizes strategically placed lashes to create a textured, feathery look.

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  • Curl: Dramatic lift (C or D curl)
  • Length: similar to the other styles (8mm to 18mm)
  • Thickness: Maintain a natural volume by sticking to thin to medium thickness lashes (0.10mm to 0.18mm).

Choosing the right Anime Lashes for Eye Shapes

While Anime Lashes offer a plethora of possibilities, considering your individual eye shape is crucial for maximizing their impact. Here's a quick guide to choosing the perfect Anime Lash style for you:

  • Almond Eyes: Lucky you! Almond eyes are considered the most versatile eye shape and can accommodate any of the Anime Lash styles mentioned above. Play around and see what speaks to your inner anime character!
  • Round Eyes: Lengthening your lashes is your best friend! Opt for styles like the Doe-eyed or Wispy Anime Lash, focusing on placing the longest lashes towards the outer corners. This will help elongate your eyes and create a more balanced appearance.
  • Hooded Eyes: Don't shy away from Anime Lashes! Opt for lighter styles like the Wispy Anime Lash. Focus on lifting the lash line to prevent the lashes from overwhelming your eyes. Additionally, consider individual lashes for more customization and control over placement.

Stock Example for Anime Lashes

Here are some must-have tools to get you started with applying false lashes for that dramatic Anime look:

  • Lashes: Ditch the individual lash struggle! Pre-made fans (link) are your friend. These pre-clustered lashes simplify application by allowing you to apply multiple lashes at once, creating instant volume for your desired Anime style.
  • Tweezers: Precision is key! Invest in lightweight, angled tweezers (link) with a comfortable grip. These will offer better control when maneuvering your lashes into place for a flawless application.
  • Adhesive: Patience is a virtue, especially with false lashes. Choose a slower drying time adhesive (link). This gives you more time to adjust the lash placement before the adhesive sets, leading to a more successful application.

Embrace the drama and volume of Anime Lashes. Experiment with styles, find your perfect match, and express your inner anime fan! With a little practice, you'll be a lash-applying pro, ready to conquer the world with your captivating eyes.