1. Promade loose fans 8D lashes - an amazing time saver for busy lash artists or beginners who want to achieve volume fans

What are promade loose fans?

Promade loose fans are handmade mega or volume fans. The creation of every fan is done meticulously by lash manufacturers in order to make a fanned-out look with accurate spacing and uniformity.

The difference between promade loose fans and premade fan lashes

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that both premade and promade fans are produced using the same techniques. Promade volume fans are actually an improved version of premade fan lashes with different packaging of the fans inside.

As mentioned above, promade loose fans are different from premade fans in terms of arranging the fans in a box. Premade fans are beautifully handcrafted and laid on the strips by lash manufacturers, allowing lash artists to simply just pick up and apply on their client’s natural lashes. Promade lashes are handcrafted too but instead of pre-lining, they are stacked up and come in a bunch in a box so lash artists will need to separate the fans from the bunch by using a silicone pad.

Why you should use our promade loose fan 8D lashes ?

  • Made of high quality Korean PBT fiber (Polybutylene Terephthalate), cruelty-free, no animal testing, formaldehyde-free and latex-free
  • Soft, light-weight, natural looking
  • Stable curls
  • Symmetrical & super narrow fans for perfect eyeliner effect
  • Minimum adhesive used at the base to ensure featherlight lash set
  • Pointy base for smooth and easy application
  • 750 fans per box (250 fans per section)
  • An amazing time savers for both lash artists & their customers or beginner lash technicians who want to offer mega or volume eyelash extension treatments to their clients.
  • Small, smart and eco-friendly paper box which contains hundreds of fans for cheaper shipping cost

Promade loose fans 8D lashes are made of Korean PBT fiber, which are soft, lightweight, cruelty-free and comfortable to wear. It is available in 0.06 thickness. Each box has the same dimension with a specific type of curl and thickness with 3 different lengths in each section.

Promade loose fans are packaged in a smart paper packaging box. The 3-section paper box will help lash artists take out the fans effortlessly since each length is stored in a separated section. As a result, they won’t be mixed up.

Also, compared to a premade fan big tray, this small paper box has the capacity to contain hundreds of fans so it will save you a great amount of money on shipping.

Each box contains 750 fans (250 fans per section). We offer promade loose fans 4D, 5D, 8D, 8D, and 10D

Our hand made fans lashes have a pointy base with minimum adhesive used for smooth and fast lash application. It will also result in a featherlight lash look. Furthermore, the fans are super narrow and symmetrical which are convenient to create eyeliner effects.

2. How to use 8D promade loose fans?

To use loose promade lash fans:

Step 1: Use a silicone pad, place desired fans on top of the silicone, and separate them with tweezers in a line.

Step 2: Dispense little glue onto a palette.

Step 3: Isolate natural lashes, dip the fan's base 1 mm into glue.

Step 4: Apply the fan to the natural lash.

Step 5: Repeat for each lash, preparing ahead or during the appointment.

Step 6: Create stunning volume sets quickly and efficiently!

3. Who should use promade loose fan 8D lashes?

Promade volume fans are suitable for beginners who struggle to create a fan, busy lash artists or customers who want to save time for the lash application process. Promade lash fans 8D allow lash artists to achieve volume lash sets easier and faster.

Lash artists who are just beginning their lash careers

Promade lash fans are designed to make the application process easier for beginners. They come pre-fanned, eliminating the need for beginners to create their own fans, which can be a more advanced and challenging technique.

Busy lash artists who want to save time

Even experienced lash artists may opt for promade loose fan lashes when they have a busy schedule and want to streamline their lash extension application process. Using promades lashes can significantly reduce the time required for each application, allowing them to serve more clients efficiently and earn more income.

Clients with time constraints

For clients who have limited time for their lash appointments or prefer a quicker lash extension application process, promade loose fan lashes can be a suitable option. The use of hand made fans lashes can expedite the application, reducing the overall time spent during the lash session.

Ideal for clients with almost no lashes but want to achieve a perfect volume lash set in a short time.

4. Packaging feature

As a go-green brand, Lii Lash is dedicated to using environmentally friendly promade lash fans boxes. Approximately 80% of our packaging boxes are crafted from paper materials, which have a faster breakdown rate compared to standard plastic packaging. It means that customers can use our products without concerns about harming the environment. We hold a strong commitment to protecting the planet as it is our social responsibility.

LiiLash eyelash extensions eco-friendly paper packaging box

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We have MSDS and SGS Certificates that ensure the safety of our products

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Narrow promade loose fans 8D lashes

Narrow promade loose fans 8D lashes


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Customize your own order from material, thickness, length, curl,...

Short description

Simplify your lashing process with our 8D Promade Loose Fans, stored in a 3-compartment box for easy lash selection. You can select different lengths, curls, colors for each section. This compact paper box can store up to 750 fans (250 per section), saving you money.

Our Promade Fans have a pointy thin base, using minimal adhesive for easy application and a featherlight experience. The super narrow, symmetrical design allows for eyeliner effects with ease. Your clients will love the results, and you'll appreciate the convenience!

The difference between Promade Loose Fan - Ultra speed - Premade Fan

Ultra Speed Fans:

The Ultra Speed fans come in a small box where the lashes are stacked in separate strips. This packaging design offers an economical choice with a high capacity for lashes, making it convenient for pickup due to the organized tape strip arrangement.

Promade Loose Fan:

For the Promade Loose Fan, lashes are not pre-lined; instead, they are released freely into a box, bunched together. The box comes with a 3-compartment feature, allowing up to 3 sizes/colors selection. This design saves space, is cost-effective, and provides options for easy matching without requiring excessive trays.

Premade Big Tray:

Our Premade Big Tray fans are packed in a large tray, with multiple fans arranged in tape strips. This design allows for easy pickup, and allows lash artists to freely mix sizes within a tray.

Key features

  • 750 fans/box
  • 3-compartment box for diverse selection and cost-effectiveness
  • Fans are symmetrical, making a perfect and uniformed look
  • Narrow fan brings a dense and more voluminous effect
  • Pointy base requires minimum adhesive for maximum retention
  • Glue-bonded without extra weight
  • Made of high quality Korean PBT fiber, no animal testing
  • Formaldehyde-free and latex-free, cruelty-free
  • Stable curls, soft, light-weight, natural looking
  • For time-saving application
  • Come in a variety of curls, thickness and lengths
  • Available in 4D, 5D, 6D, 8D, 10D

How to use

1. Remove old lashes with Cream remover using cleansing brushes or tweezers.

2. Wet eyelashes and start deep-cleansing with Lash shampoo.

3. Use Protein Remover to remove impurities and moisturize natural lashes

4. Gently brush Primer over the base of the lash extension and the real lashes to accelerate drying time of adhesive.

5. Dip lashes in Adhesive and begin the extension process.

6. Carefully dab the Super bonderonto the glued area and allow it to dry for 1-2 minutes to fasten the curing time and enhance the bonding area

How to store

  • Store lashes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the room temperature below 30 Celsius degrees.
  • Keep them sealed in their container without opening when not in use.
  • Place lashes on a shelf to prevent damage from direct contact with the ground.

Product properties

  • Soft, lightweight
  • Cruelty-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Latex-free
  • 100% synthetic
  • Residue-free bases & tape strip
  • Knot free
  • Not kink

Made to order

Lii Lash creates the "made to order" order to apply for the customer who wants to customize their products that are hard to find on the market or out of stock on our site.

Please send your information to our email: or leave us your order HERE

Private label

1. Black lashes: MOQ is 100 trays total, & 10 trays/size (lengths, diameter) 

2. Colored lashes MOQ is 50/item, & 10 trays/size (lengths, diameter, curl) 

Please send your information to our email: or leave us your order HERE

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