1. Wispy fan lashes 7D - a perfect choice for Kim K lash set

You certainly have known about the Kim K/Strip/Wet or Wispy lash look that uses various lash lengths for a map, going up and down, creating high and low areas through the clients’ eyes, and marking some outstanding spiky with the closed fans. Our wispy eyelashes extension are a must-have item to achieve these charming lash maps.

The conception of Wispy fan lashes 7D

A Wispy fan is basically a handmade volume fan with a built-in spike. Wispy fan lashes 7D have 7 lashes per fan with each fan being a combination of 6 x 0.03 lashes and a spike. The spike is 3mm longer than other lashes.

It is 60% handcrafted and packed on the strips, allowing lash artists to simply just pick up and apply on their client’s natural lashes.

The difference between wispy and spike lashes

Spike is also combined by 5 similar lash strands, they have the same length and create a closed fan that looks like classic lashes. When it comes to wispy lashes, it is a volume fan, with 6 same lashes and a 3 mm longer spike in the middle.

Both spike and wispy mega volume lashes are used for the Kim K lash map. Using spikes gives a bolder and more dramatic look. Compared to wispy lashes, it brings out a natural and subtle appearance to the eyes.

Features and applications of Wispy fan lashes 7D

These dramatic wispy lashes have a thin base with minimum adhesive used for smooth lash application & lightweight lash set. The fans are super narrow to easily achieve eyeliner effect. The thin base also enhances the eyes' allure without appearing overly dramatic or heavy.

Wispy mega volume lash extensions are meticulously designed to achieve Kim K/Wispy lash effect with ease. They save time during the lash application process, allowing lash artists to achieve perfect Kim K lash set in record time. Wispy fan lashes are the perfect choice for both professional lash artists or beginners who are still struggling to master the handmade volume technique with their eyelash extensions.

In addition, wispy wet look could achieve a voluminous effect in a short time. They save time during the lash application process, making them an excellent choice for both experienced lash artists and those new to the industry.

Wispy eyelashes extension can be applied in various lash extension techniques, including classic, volume, and hybrid styles. This versatility allows lash artists to explore different looks and techniques based on their clients' preferences.

Key features of our Wispy fan lashes 7D

  • Made of cruelty-free Korean PBT fiber (Polybutylene Terephthalate), cruelty-free, no animal testing
  • Thin base (minimum adhesive used) for smooth lash application & fluffy lash set without adding extra weight
  • Super narrow fans for eyeliner effect
  • 450 fans/tray
  • 7 lashes per fan (with each fan being a combination of 6 x 0.03 lashes and a spike). Spike is 3mm longer than other lashes to create a textured look
  • Soft, super lightweight, comfortable to wear, matte finish, deep black
  • Stable curls
  • Formaldehyde-free and latex-free
  • Come in a variety of curls, thicknesses and lengths
  • Easy to remove from the strip
  • Suitable for Kim K lash look

Each premade fan is crafted with precision, ensuring uniformity in shape, curl, and length. This consistency guarantees a seamless application, resulting in a polished and professional look.

Curl chart of Wispy fan lashes 7D

C curl

C curl is known for its pronounced lift and curvature. It provides a noticeable curl that adds definition and drama to the lashes. The lifting effect of C curl is more intense, making it suitable for those who desire a glamorous and eye-catching look. This curl type works well for individuals with naturally curly lashes or those with round or wide-set eyes, as it enhances their natural shape and creates an alluring gaze.

CC curl

CC curl lashes are the perfect choice for those seeking to add a touch of drama and volume to their lashes. These lash shapes are similar to the popular C curl lashes but with slightly more curl. Resembling the shape of the letter "C," the CC curl lashes curl away from the lash line and upward, providing a noticeable lift and incredible volume.

If you're looking to enhance your lashes with added volume rather than just length, CC curls are the way to go. They work great for special occasions, providing the volume and lift you desire. Even if you have a regular daily routine and prefer long, curly lashes, CC curls are also suitable for everyday wear.

Additionally, for individuals with downturned eyes, CC curl lashes work exceptionally well, as they provide a lifted appearance and enhance the eye shape. Especially, because of the significant lifting features, CC curl is highly recommended for doll eyes and cat eyes.

D curl

If you want maximum drama and impact, D curl lashes are the go-to option. It gives the lash an incredible lift and curve. The D curl's dramatic lifting effect results in lashes that are distinctive and capture the eye. As D curl is usually used for people who want doll eyes and cat eyes lash extensions.

The lifting effect of the D curl is ideal for individuals with straight lashes or those who crave maximum impact. This curl type is especially suitable for those with hooded or downturned eyes, as it opens up the eyes and creates a captivating, lifted appearance.


Wispy mega lashes 7D comes in a variety of lengths (9-14mm), allowing you to create many types of lash maps.

2. How to use Wispy fan lashes 7D?

  • Take the strip off the L tray and place it on your lash tile.
  • Hold wispy fans from the base when picking them.
  • For better hold, position the fan at the lash bottom or side of natural lashes.
  • Create a Kim K style by mixing half wispy, half regular fans.

PRO Tips

Gently lift the fans by holding the bottom close to the tape. Avoid pulling the fans from the tip.

3. Why should you use Wispy fan lashes 7D?


Putting on individual lashes can take up a lot of time. In contrast, using ready-made wispy lash fans makes the process faster. This means lash artists can either help more clients or have more time to improve their skills.

Both newbies and professional lash artists can find it helpful to choose and place wispy lash fans directly onto natural lashes. This skips the complex task of creating each fan from the beginning. This time-saving aspect is great for people with busy schedules and allows for more client appointments or personal convenience. Overall, opting for wispy wet set lashes are a clever decision for anyone who wants attractive lashes that don't take too much time.

A voluminous and fluttery lash look

Wispy mega volume lashes are perfect for achieving a lush and fluttery lash appearance, thanks to their carefully crafted design.

Once they're applied, these fans mix smoothly with your natural lashes, adding volume without overwhelming your eyes. The thoughtful arrangement of wispy eyelashes extension create a gentle and airy look, giving your eyes an enchanting flutter. This special design guarantees that the dramatic wispy lashes offer a well-balanced blend of fullness and lightness, leading to a gorgeous and naturally glamorous lash appearance.

A perfect option for newbie lash artists who want to offer Kim K lash style for their clients but not yet proficient in creating volume fans and spike lashes.

Wispy fan lashes 7D serve as an ideal choice for new lash artists aiming to provide their clients with a Kim K lash style. The ready-to-use fans eliminate the making fans process. This is especially helpful if they're still practicing and not quite skilled at making volume fans and spike lashes.

Consistent and professional-looking lash extensions

Wispy mega volume lashes are a perfect choice when aiming for reliable and expert-looking lash extensions. Created with careful precision and evenness, these pre-made fans guarantee that every lash fan maintains the same curl, length, and positioning. This detailed design ensures a flawless and refined look, enhancing the overall beauty of the lash set.

Lash artists can have full confidence in the consistent quality of dramatic wispy lashes. This allows them to offer clients dependable outcomes that radiate professionalism. Whether it's for everyday use or special occasions, the dependable consistency of these fans ensures that each lash extension application showcases adept skill and unwavering attention to detail.

4. Packaging feature

As a go-green brand, LiiLash is dedicated to using environmentally friendly and recyclable Wispy fan lashes 7D boxes. 60% of our packaging boxes are crafted from paper materials, which have a faster breakdown rate compared to standard plastic packaging. It means that customers can use our products without concerns about harming the environment. We hold a strong commitment to protecting the planet as it is our social responsibility.

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We have MSDS and SGS Certificates that ensure the safety of our products

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Premium wispy fan lashes - 7D - 540 fans

Premium wispy fan lashes - 7D - 540 fans


Start your own eyelash extension brand


Customize your own order from material, thickness, length, curl,...

Short description

In search of the ideal fit for a Wispy, Wet, or staggered look? Meet our extraordinary 7D Wispy Promade Fans.

These fans feature a unique combination of a 6D premade fan and an extra long spike, creating a beautifully textured appearance. Designed with a pointy thin base, these volume extensions are easy to apply and require only minimal adhesive, ensuring a comfortably lightweight feel for your customers throughout all day wear. With our Wispy Promade Fans, you can effortlessly unlock a captivating and striking look that will leave your clients mesmerized.

Key features

  • Available in 0.05mm
  • Made of high quality Korean PBT fiber , cruelty-free, no animal testing 
  • Pointy and thin base requires minimum adhesive for maximum retention
  • Fluffy and voluminous lash set without adding extra weight
  • Super narrow fans for eyeliner effect 
  • 7 lashes per fan with a 6D premade fan 0.03mm lashes and a spike
  • Spike is 3mm longer than other lashes to create a textured look
  • Soft, super lightweight, comfortable to wear, 
  • Stable curls, no bluish, no greenish
  • Formaldehyde-free and latex-free
  • Come in a variety of curls, and lengths
  • Easy to remove from the strip
  • Suitable for Kim K lash look
  • Available in 7D, 9D, 11D

How to use

1. Remove old lashes with Cream remover using cleansing brushes or tweezers.

2. Wet eyelashes and start deep-cleansing with Lash shampoo.

3. Use Protein Remover to remove impurities and moisturize natural lashes

4. Gently brush Primer over the base of the lash extension and the real lashes to accelerate drying time of adhesive.

5. Dip lashes in Adhesive and begin the extension process.

6. Carefully dab the Super bonderonto the glued area and allow it to dry for 1-2 minutes to fasten the curing time and enhance the bonding area

How to store

  • Store lashes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Keep the room temperature below 30 Celsius degrees.
  • Keep them sealed in their container without opening when not in use.
  • Place lashes on a shelf to prevent damage from direct contact with the ground.

Product properties

  • Soft, lightweight
  • Cruelty-free
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Latex-free
  • 100% synthetic
  • Residue-free bases & tape strip
  • Knot free
  • Not kink

Made to order

Lii Lash creates the "made to order" order to apply for the customer who wants to customize their products that are hard to find on the market or out of stock on our site.

Please send your information to our email: or leave us your order HERE

Private label

1. Black lashes: MOQ is 100 trays total, & 10 trays/size (lengths, diameter) 

2. Colored lashes MOQ is 50/item, & 10 trays/size (lengths, diameter, curl) 

Please send your information to our email: or leave us your order HERE

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