What is Lash Length? How to choose the Perfect Length?

When it comes to lash extensions, one size does not fit all. The length of lash extensions can make a big difference in the overall look and customers’ feel. But how do you choose the perfect lash lengths for each clients? Let's dive into the world of lash lengths and find out.

What is Lash length? Why is it important?

Lash length is a vital factor in defining the look of your clients' lash extensions, measured from the base to the tip. This measurement significantly influences the final outcome of their lashes, affecting not only their eye appearance but also contributing to overall facial aesthetics.

When extensions are too long, they can carry excess weight, posing a risk of damage to your clients' natural lashes. Conversely, lashes that are too short may not provide the desired volume and length. The right choice of length allows for the creation of subtle enhancements or bold statements, tailoring the look to your clients' preferences. It's essential to strike the perfect balance to achieve the ideal lash extension outcome for your clients.


Lash Length Chart

At Lii Lash, we take pride in offering an extensive range of lash extensions, featuring an array of captivating lengths from 4 to 25mm. This diverse selection ensures that you can tailor each lash set to perfection, allowing your clients to embrace a customized, alluring look that suits their unique style.

Image displaying a comprehensive lash length chart ranging from 4mm to 25mm by Lii Lash, providing a visual guide for lash extension lengths

Types of Lash Extension Lengths

In the market, lash extensions range from 3mm to 30mm, and are usually classified as below :

  • Short Lash Extensions (3-8 mm): Perfect for delicately enhancing the inner corners, lower lashes or achieving a barely-there, natural look.
  • Medium Lash Extensions (9-12 mm): The most popular choice, ideal for adding noticeable length, especially for the center and outer corners.
  • Long Lash Extensions (13-15 mm): Going a bit beyond, these longer extensions beautifully accentuate the center and outer corners, offering more dramatic length.
  • Very Long Lash Extensions (16-20 mm): Recommended for those with naturally long and healthy lashes who desire a more striking, dramatic effect.
  • Ultra-Long Lash Extensions (21-30 mm): While available, these extremely long extensions are discouraged due to their excessive length and weight, which may cause discomfort and potential harm to natural lashes.


How to choose the right Lash Extension Length

To find what lengths are suitable for your clients, it is necessary to take their natural lash condition, personal styles and eye shapes into careful consideration.

Personal Style

Everyone has their own personal style and desired look. To decide what lash lengths are suitable for your customers, consulting before an official application is the need. Only in that way, you could create lash sets that are tailored for them, help satisfy your customers

If your clients opt for a dramatic look, longer lash extensions are the way to go. These will give them the bold and glamorous appearance they desire. On the other hand, if your clients are looking for something more suitable for daily wear, shorter lash extensions with a natural style are recommended. These will enhance their natural beauty without being too overpowering.

And if they opt for specific styles like the cat eye, each lash style has their own lash mapping to achieve the desired look. For example, cat eye lashes typically have shorter lengths towards the inner corner and gradually become longer towards the outer corner. This design helps create a winged effect, accentuating the shape of your eyes.

Eye Shape

Another important factor to consider when choosing lash length is the eye shapes of your clients. Different eye shapes can benefit from specific lash lengths to enhance their natural beauty.

For example, if your customers have round eyes, longer lash extensions can help elongate your eye shape and create a more almond-like appearance. On the other hand, if you have hooded eyes, shorter lash extensions are recommended to avoid any interference with your eyelid crease.

Natural lash length

It's also essential to consider the length of your natural lashes when choosing lash extensions. there are a few rules to keep in mind. The most popular rule is the 3mm rule, which states that you should not choose lash extensions that are 3mm longer than your real lashes. This rule is designed to avoid any potential lash damage or the need for breaks.

For instance, if your customers have natural lashes at 8mm, the extension length shouldn't surpass 11mm. Remember, extensions are positioned 1mm away from the lash base to avoid skin contact. Therefore, the ideal extension length in this scenario would be 10mm.

However, 3mm is not the only rule, there are other rules to consider as well, such as the 2mm and 4mm rules. The rule you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the condition of your clients’ natural lashes. Based on our expertise, we recommend sticking to the 2mm and 3mm rules for lash length. These lengths are popular choices and provide a balance between enhancing your natural lashes and avoiding any potential damage.

Natural lash condition

If your natural lashes are short and thin, it is generally recommended to avoid lash extension lengths that are too long. Remember, your lash extensions are attached to your natural lashes, so if they are too long for your lashes to hold, plus the natural growth of your lashes over time, it can lead to discomfort and a heavy feeling, as if they are bent down.

Also, choosing lash extensions that are too long can also result in extra weight, which can damage natural lashes. It's important to find a balance between the lengths you desire and what your natural lashes can comfortably support.


Maintenance and Aftercare

It's crucial to maintain them properly to ensure a longer-lasting effect. Remember to give your customers reminder of maintenance tips to preserve the length of lash extensions:

  • Avoid rubbing or pulling your lashes, as this can cause them to fall out prematurely.
  • Use a gentle, oil-free cleanser to remove any makeup or debris from your lashes.
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara, as it can be difficult to remove and may weaken the bond of your lash extensions.
  • Brush your lashes daily with a clean spoolie brush to keep them looking neat and separated.

Additionally, aftercare practices are essential for maintaining the desired lash length. Follow these aftercare routines:

  • Avoid getting your lashes wet for the first 24 hours after the application to allow the adhesive to fully bond.
  • Avoid steam rooms, saunas, and excessive heat, as they can weaken the adhesive bond.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face to prevent your lashes from getting crushed or tangled.
  • Avoid using oil-based products near your eyes, as they can break down the lash adhesive.


Common Myths and Misconceptions

There are several myths and misconceptions surrounding lash lengths. Let's debunk some of the most common ones:

Myth 1: Longer lash extensions always look better.

Fact: The ideal lash length varies from person to person. Longer lashes may not suit everyone's eye shape or natural lashes. It's important to find a length that enhances natural features without overwhelming them.

Myth 2: Lash extensions damage your natural lashes and cause pain.

Fact: When applied and maintained correctly, lash extensions should not damage your natural lashes or cause discomfort or pain. When applied by a skilled technician and cared for correctly, extensions can actually protect natural lashes from daily wear and tear.

Any discomfort usually arises from improper application, which emphasizes the importance of visiting a reputable technician.

Myth 3: Lash extensions in the market exclusively offer longer lengths.

Fact: While it is common to see lash extension in dramatic long style, in reality, the market offers various lengths, catering to diverse preferences, from subtle to dramatic.



In conclusion, lash length plays a crucial role in achieving the desired effect for your lash extensions. Consider your personal style, eye shape, and the length of your natural lashes when making your decision. By following these guidelines, you can choose the perfect lash length that enhances your eyes and complements your overall look.


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