Tweezers for Eyelashes: How to hold correctly?

Welcome to the world of lash artistry! Whether you're a seasoned lash artist or just starting, mastering the art of holding tweezers for eyelashes can make a significant difference in your work. In this blog, we'll explore different types of tweezers and provide a step-by-step guide on holding them correctly for ultimate comfort and fatigue prevention.

Types of Lashing Tweezers

Before diving in, take a breath. Spend some time going over this section if these basic types of tweezers seem confusing.

Distinguished by the Materials

Commonly, professional eyelash extension tweezers are made of titanium or stainless steel.

  • Stainless Tweezers: Resistant to rust but may contain nickel, potentially causing rare allergic reactions. Care is needed to prevent rust.
  • Titanium Tweezers: Lighter than stainless, strong and rust-free. Ideal for eyelash extensions and is often used in medical procedures due to its allergy-free properties.

Distinguished by the Tip Shapes

In the professional eyelash extension tweezers world, the magic lies in their specialized tips. These tips enhance the application process and are crucial for picking, selecting, and separating eyelashes.

types of lashing tweezers
Photo by BL Lashes.
  • I Shape: Straight tweezers, perfect for isolation and classic lash extensions. For precise isolation, go for a long and thin I shape; for classic lash extensions, use thicker and shorter ones.
  • F Shape: The shape excels in isolating and securing classic false lashes, ensuring a flawless lash application with a smooth attachment process.
  • A Shape: Multipurpose tools for easy pickup and attachment of classic lash extensions, offering a smooth and efficient application experience.
  • X Shape: Designed for classic lash extensions, this tweezer securely holds extensions with a balance of control and comfort, minimizing hand tension.
  • S Shape: Shine in picking up and attaching fans during volume lashes. It is ideal for isolation in clients with prominent foreheads or deep eye sets.
  • L Shape: This form helps exact pickup and attachment, making it perfect for creating handmade volume fans.
  • Round Shape: Ensures a gentle post-treatment with circular tips. Confidently used to remove tapes or eye pads, concluding the extension procedure gently.

How to Correctly Hold Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions?

Hold the Isolation Tweezers

Isolation tweezers belong in your non-dominant hand. Using your thumb and middle finger, hold them close to the top while using your index finger to add further control. The tweezers' end should gently rest near your index finger's base.
For extra support, fold your pinky and ring fingers underneath. This grip provides control without putting undue strain on your hands by balancing pressure.

Hold the Classic Application Tweezers

For better control when applying, hold the tweezers in your dominant hand. Take up the grip of the isolation tweezers, opening and closing with your thumb and middle fingers. It's important to place your fingers so they have the best possible control over the tip of the tweezers for flawless lash pickup and placement.

Hold the Volume Application Tweezers

Once more, let your thumb and middle fingers handle the opening and closing of the volume tweezers. However, for improved pickup and fan-out, add a key difference. Place your ring finger near the tweezers' tip, adding an extra level of control. With the bent point of the tweezers parallel to your client's lash line, angle them slightly upward. Make sure the end of the tweezers is pressed up against your index finger's second knuckle.

way to hold tweezers for eyelash extensions

Photo by Thousandlashes.

The instructional video below will clearly show you how to deal with lashing tweezers. Don't just read about it— grab your tweezers, watch and elevate your technique right away!

Common Mistakes

Whether you are new to or experienced in the technique of lash application, you may not realize how important a precise grasp is. Discover the typical problems as we examine the errors that lash artists commonly make with their tweezers:

Hold the tweezers with only two fingers

Relying on just two fingers to grasp the tweezer sets the stage for potential difficulties. Applications that are unsteady become risky when the index finger is not used for support. The index finger plays a crucial role, providing support to the middle finger, and ensuring steady pressure and precision throughout the application process. A well-balanced grip is fundamental for a smoother and more controlled lash application experience.

Hold the tweezers too high or too low

When applying lash extensions, you face a risk of losing your grip on the tweezer if it is placed too high. Otherwise, a too-low hold, similar to a pen grip, requires more force, leading to muscle fatigue and pain eventually. Additionally, maintaining a very low grip obstructs your view and access to the client's lashes, complicating the lash extension application process. Striking a balance in tweezer positioning is crucial for both comfort and precision during the application.

Forget to fold pinky and ring fingers under the tweezers

This causes you to miss out on a crucial opportunity for relaxation, which may result in discomfort. Including these fingers gives you greater support, which makes grasping tweezers more pleasant and long-lasting.

Tips and Tricks

Get creative with your hold

Try out several holds to see what feels most comfortable for you. During a busy day, switching up your hold can help prevent repeated strain injuries. Some lash stylists even prefer to hold with their index finger rather than the more common middle finger.

Optimize your workspace

Ensure your treatment bed is at a suitable height, ideally at chest level, to avoid hurting your back. Invest in a chair that supports your back for extended periods.

Stretch your hand

Keep your hands nimble and pain-free by doing daily stretches. Explore some physical exercises for essential stretches and practice at your own places. If you're dealing with significant pain, consult a physiotherapist for personalized advice and care.


The secret to finding the ideal tweezer hold is to make your hands and wrists comfortable without even slightly tense. Any sense of strain is an obvious indication that the hold is improper.
If you experience fatigue during your work hours quickly, this is another indication that changes need to be made. Long workdays ought to be enjoyable rather than taxing!
You will surely become an expert at holding your tweezers for eyelashes just so with consistent practice. Remember always that your hand is a very important tool in the lash artistry toolbox, and that it needs to be treated with accuracy and care.


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