The Anatomy of Perfect Lash Fans: Did you Know?

As a lash artist, lash fans are probably your BFFs! Handmade or premade, they all have one mission: to create stunning, voluminous lash sets that make your clients' eyes pop.

But a fan lash extension is more than just a bunch of lashes stuck together. They come in different shapes, and those shapes can totally change the final look of your lash sets. So, are you sure you've mastered the art of the lash fan? Let's dive in and explore every aspect of these lash superheroes!

What is a perfect lash fan?

What makes a lash fan perfect? It's all about symmetry and even spacing. Imagine a beautiful butterfly with its wings outstretched perfectly – that's the ideal lash fan! Each lash strand extends outwards from the center with equal distance, creating a clean and seamless look. No wonky gaps or uneven weight that can irritate your client's eyes.

perfect lash fan with symmetrical opening


Why does perfection matter?

Imperfect fans might not seem like a big deal on their own, but trust us – they can lead to messy lash sets with uneven lengths and closed fans that won't adhere properly. This messy look not only detracts from the overall beauty of the lashes, but can also affect how long they stay on.

A meticulously arranged fan, on the other hand, creates a clean, comfortable application for your clients, allowing them to rock those lashes with confidence!

Picture by: BL Lashes

Why a Perfect Lash Fan Matters?

We, lash professions, all dream of creating those stunning, voluminous lash sets that leave your clients feeling glamorous, but worry about achieving a clumpy or uneven look? A perfect lash fan is your secret weapon!
Here's why mastering the art of the lash fan is crucial:

Flawless Application & Retention

Aperfectly symmetrical fan allows for precise placement on the natural lash, with secure connections that minimize adhesive use and maximize retention. This translates to comfortable, long-lasting lash sets for your clients, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups.

Speed & Efficiency

Imagine having all your artistic tools prepped and ready to go! Perfect fans are easier to pick up and manipulate with tweezers, significantly increasing your application speed. This means you can see more clients and boost your productivity.

Precise Volume Control

The consistent spacing within a perfect fan lets you control the final volume of the lash set. Want a subtle flutter or a dramatic, full look? With perfect fans, you're in complete control, acting as the conductor of the lash volume orchestra!

A perfect lash fan isn't just about creating a beautiful design; it's about superior performance:

No More Unsightly Clumps

Loose or closed lashes can clump together during application, resulting in an unnatural and uncomfortable look for your clients. Perfect fans prevent this, ensuring a flawless, seamless application.

Superior Retention 

Weak connections within the fan can cause individual lashes to detach prematurely. Perfect fans, with their secure bonds, ensure those extensions stay put, maximizing retention and keeping your clients happy.

Different types of lash fans

Now, let's dive into the exciting world of lash fan types! There are two main ways to categorize them:

1. Dimensions

This refers to the number of lashes in the fan, which affects the volume of your lash set. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Light Volume (2D-3D): Ideal for a subtle, natural enhancement, perfect for everyday wear or those with naturally full lashes.
  • Medium Volume (4D-5D): Adds a touch more drama without going overboard, ideal for a night out or special occasions.
  • Full Volume (6D-9D): Creates a noticeable, glamorous look, perfect for those who want to make a statement.
  • Mega Volume (10D+): For the ultimate bold and dramatic effect, ideal for special events or those who love a show-stopping look.

2. By Creation Method

Lash fans can be either handmade by lash artists or premade using technology.

Handmade Lash Fans

These are customized by the lash artist using individual lashes, offering maximum control over the look and perfect for creating specific effects. This method requires more skill and time but allows for ultimate customization.

handmade fan lash extension

Premade Lash Fans

Super convenient, these come ready-made in various dimensions and styles, perfect for beginners or those who want a quicker application. They can be further categorized into:

Premium super narrow premade fan - 8D - 504 fans - premade fan eyelash extensions
  • Heat-bonded: The most popular choice for both lash artists and clients. Heat fuses the lash bases for a lightweight, comfortable wear. No extra glue needed on the base, making application faster and reducing the risk of irritation.
  • Glue-bonded: As the name suggests, these are bonded together with adhesive, which means when applying lashes, this creates a double glue layer. The double dipping in glue can make them feel heavy on the eyes, especially for those with sensitive eyelids.

Heat-bonded vs. Glue-bonded:

Heat-bonded fans have emerged as a favorite among lash enthusiasts due to their lightweight feel and secure hold, ensuring a comfortable and long-lasting wear experience. Heat-bonded fans are the clear winner in terms of comfort and weight. The lack of extra glue makes them feel lighter on the eyes, perfect for extended wear. Plus, the heating process creates a nice, pointy base for easier application. Glue-bonded fans, while convenient, can feel heavy due to the double dipping in glue.


Key features of a lash fans

Now that you know the different types of lash fans, let's delve deeper into the core features. Understanding these features will help you choose the perfect fan for every client and achieve flawless application.

1. Base Structure: Square Flat vs. Pointy Thin

The base structure refers to the way the lash strands are grouped at the bottom of the fan. There are two main types:

  • Square Base: The lashes are neatly lined up, creating a flat, square base. These fans are easier to wrap around natural lashes, leading to a potentially stronger bond. However, the downside is that they require more glue, which can make them feel heavier.
  • Pointy Thin Base: The lash strands are strategically arranged to form a round, pointed base. This design minimizes the amount of adhesive needed, resulting in a cleaner application and a lighter feel on the eyes. However, the smaller contact area can make them slightly trickier to secure properly, requiring precise application.

Premade fans lashes typically come with a pointy thin base for comfort and aesthetics. If you're looking for a square base for better grip, handmade fans offer more customization.

2. Fan Width: Wide vs. Narrow vs. Super Narrow

The fan opening or fan width refers to the spread of the lashes in the fan. Here's how each opening caters to different lash goals:

different widths of the fan - wide, narrow, super narrow lash fans
Photo by: BL Lashes
  • Wide: These fans are ideal for clients with sparse natural lashes. The wider spread allows for better coverage of gaps, creating a fluffy and voluminous style. However, they might not be as dense as other options.
  • Narrow: Perfect for those with plenty of natural lashes, narrow fans create an eyeliner effect. They provide a denser, more uniform look with a bolder volume boost.
  • Super Narrow: The ultimate in density, super narrow fans are perfect for clients who want the darkest, most dramatic lash line possible. These create the most uniform and voluminous style, ideal for special occasions or those who love a bold look.

3. Fan Stem: Short vs. Mid vs. Long

The stem is the point where the lash bases are bonded together and begin to fan out. Its length plays a crucial role in application and aesthetics:

different fan stem - short, mid, long stem for different effects
  • Long Stem: Easier to pick up and use, long stems are often used for creating an eyeliner effect and usually come in narrow fans for a dramatic, dark look. These can also contribute to a thicker and more voluminous appearance due to their long root.
  • Short Stem: Offering better coverage of gaps between natural lashes, short stems are commonly found in wide fans for a more natural look. They're perfect for clients who prefer a light and subtle volume boost.
  • Mid Stem: As the name suggests, mid stems offer a balance between control and coverage. They provide a good grip while allowing for easier application with various lash styles.

4. Lash consistency: Uniform vs. Camellia

Beyond length and curl, another key feature to consider when choosing lashes is consistency. This refers to the lengths of lashes within a fan.

  • Uniform Length: This is the classic lash fan, where all the lashes within the fan are the same length. This creates a beautiful, symmetrical look that's perfect for dramatic or glamorous lash sets.
  • Camellia Lashes: These innovative fans mimic the natural variation in length of our own lashes. Just like your natural lashes have shorter and longer hairs for a textured look, camellia lashes feature different lash lengths within the fan. This creates a more natural-looking volume effect, perfect for clients who want a subtle enhancement.

By understanding these features – base structure, fan opening, and stem length – you'll be well-equipped to choose the perfect lash fan for each client and achieve flawless application, creating a stunning lash look every time!


How to make the Perfect Lash Fan

4 Techniques for making Volume Fans

Creating flawless lash fans is the secret sauce behind those envy-worthy voluminous sets. Mastering these techniques takes practice, not magic. Here's a breakdown of 4 popular methods to help you elevate your lash game:

1. The Wiggle:

Feeling confident with your lash skills? The wiggle method lets you create fans directly on the lash strip. Simply grab the lashes with your tweezers and gently wiggle them back and forth like a mini disco. This opens them up for a beautiful, textured fan.

Pro tip: This method works best for experienced lash artists who can feel the lashes move within the tweezers.

2. The Lonely Fan:

This beginner-friendly technique is perfect for getting comfortable with fan-making. Grab a few lashes and stick them back on the strip (off to the side, not where they were!). Then, use your tweezers to gently roll them open, creating a sweet little fan.

3. Rainbow Magic:

Similar to the lonely fan, the rainbow method keeps the lashes on the strip. But instead of rolling, use your tweezers to softly nudge the lashes to the side. Think of it like creating a tiny rainbow arch of lashes – beautiful and ready to be applied!

4. Sticky Dot:

The Time-Saving Superhero: Short on time? The sticky dot method is your new hero! Simply place your lashes on a pre-made sticky dot (genius, right?) and watch them magically fan out. You can then use your tweezers to fine-tune the shape for a flawless finish. Perfect for beginners or busy lash artists who value efficiency!

Check out this video by Liilash-house for a visual guide of Lonely Fan method in action!

2 Techniques for Mega Volume Lashes

Ready to create those super-fluffy, dramatic lash looks? Here's a quick guide to two mega-volume fan-making methods:


This technique involves grabbing the desired lashes with your tweezers and holding them between your thumb and finger. You then gently pinch the base while wiggling your tweezers to spread the lashes out into a beautiful fan. Maintaining control with your thumb and finger is key to creating a perfect and symmetrical fan.

Flower Bouquet

Ready to become a lash-fanning pro in seconds? The flower bouquet technique is for you! Simply slide your tweezers vertically into a clump of lashes on the strip. Pick 10-15 lashes and wiggle your tweezers to separate them. Gently pull the lashes away from the strip, creating a beautiful fan. Now, dip your upright fan in glue and watch it bloom – magic!


In the vibrant world of lash extensions, getting the hang of lash fans takes practice. Lash artists should dive into the know-how of lash fans to make smart choices that match what clients want, which is always changing. Just like practicing makes you better at things, understanding lash fans helps artists keep up with what their clients need, making everyone happier with the final fluttery results!



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