Flat lashes vs Classic lashes: What are the differences?

Lash extensions are a booming business, and keeping your salon at the forefront of trends is key. Classic lashes have long been a staple, but flat lashes are making waves in the lash world with their superior retention. But are they totally truly better than the classic favorites? Let's explore the flat lashes vs classic extension debate and see if flat lashes are the future of lash extensions!

In this blog, we will explore the key differences between classic and flat lashes, highlighting the advantages of flat lashes and the aspects where they might shine.

The Core Differences Between Flat lashes and Classic lashes

Classic lashes have long been a trusted favorite, but flat lashes are making waves in the lash world. While both techniques utilize the 1:1 application (one extension per natural lash), their biggest difference lies in shape.

Classic vs. Flat: A Matter of Shape

Classic lashes boast a round, circular base, while flat lashes feature an innovative ellipse base, that's why they are so-called "ellipse lashes". This shape allows them to embrace the natural curve of the lash more closely, creating a wider bonding area that leads to improved retention.

In addition to their base shape, classic lashes have a standard tapered tip. However, flat lashes elevate the game with a deep split tip. This innovative design allows for a double volume effect with just one lash strand, all without adding weight.



Now let's explore each type in detail to help you choose the perfect fit!

Classic Lashes: The Natural Choice

Classic lashes are the OG of the lash extension world, and for good reason! They remain the most popular choice for a reason – they offer a beautifully classic natural look.

They're lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them ideal for clients who prefer a subtle enhancement. Plus, they're generally the most cost-effective option among lash extensions. So, if you're looking for a natural boost lashes that won't weigh down natural lashes, classic lashes is your perfect match!

Flat lashes: What are they?

Originally, when doing lash extension. You’ll find customers with thin lashes but desire for volume lashes set. But we all know that weak, damaged, thin or short lashes cant hold volume fans well, this could lead to premature loss or lash breakage.

Thats why Flat lashes was born. For extra volume without adding weight. To serve this this purpose Flat lashes are created by shaping or sculpting classic lashes into an ellipse-shaped base. This innovative shaping technique make them incredibly lighter than a traditional lash extension strand and also allows them to wrap around the natural lash more effectively.

flat lash tray with a flat lash extension


Benefits of Flat lashes

Weightless Volume

The innovative split tip design of flat lashes allows for a fuller, more dramatic look without adding extra weight to your client's natural lashes. This makes them perfect for achieving a dramatic effect without compromising lash health, especially for clients with fine or weak lashes.


Flat lashes are true lightweights, coming in up to 70% lighter than classic lashes. This makes them ideal for clients with fine natural lashes that might not tolerate the weight of classic extensions.

Retention Boost

The larger bonding surface created by the flat base, combined with how they wrap around the natural lash, lead to up to 40% longer retention compared to classic lashes. This translates to fewer refills and happier clients!


Effortless Application for Lash Artists

Thanks to their ellipse base, flat lashes easily conform to the natural lash, making application a breeze for you, lash technicians.

Comfortable feel for Clients

The flatter profile of these extensions allows them to sit more comfortably on the eyelid, minimizing any feeling of bulk or scratchiness. This translates to a more comfortable wear for your clients.

Natural Eyeliner Effect

Flat lashes naturally create a subtle eyeliner effect, enhancing the look without the need for additional makeup.

Aside from those, Lii Lash’s Flat lashes have these high-quality features:

  • Made of German PBT, cruelty-free, no animal testing
  • Full matte dark black for natural look
  • Stable curl: The curl maintain ist original shape more than 1 year
  • No bluish, greenish
  • Ultra soft & lightweight
  • No kink, knot free
  • Latex-free, and formaldehyde-free
  • Available in different curls, thicknesses, and lengths.

Who is Suitable for Flat Lashes?

Clients Who Desire a More Dramatic Look

Classic lashes offer a subtle enhancement, mimicking natural lashes. But for clients who crave a bolder, more dramatic look with a denser lash line, flat lashes are the perfect solution. Their unique shape and split tip design create a visually fuller and more voluminous appearance, adding definition to the eyes.

Clients with Fine or Weak Natural Lashes

Classic lashes can sometimes be too heavy for clients with fine or weak natural lashes. The weight of the extensions can put stress on the natural lashes, potentially leading to breakage or shedding. However, flat lashes are absolute game-changers!

They're significantly lighter (up to 70% lighter) than classic lashes, making them ideal for clients with delicate lashes. This allows them to achieve a beautiful, voluminous look without compromising the health of their natural lashes.

Clients Who Prioritize Comfort

Classic lashes, while comfortable for most, can sometimes feel slightly bulky. Flat lashes, with their flatter profile, conform more closely to the natural lash line. This design minimizes any feeling of bulk or scratchiness on the eyelids, creating a more comfortable wear for clients who prioritize a natural feel. Additionally, the flat base allows the extension to sit closer to the natural lash, further enhancing comfort.


Flat Lashes vs Classic Lashes: Finding the Perfect Fit

While both classic and flat lashes offer stunning results, we must confirm that there is no "the best" option. The "better" option ultimately depends on your client's individual needs and preferences. Here's a breakdown of key factors to consider when choosing between the two:

Desired Look

Natural Enhancement: Classic lashes are ideal for clients who desire a subtle, natural look that mimics their own lashes.

Dramatic Statement: Flat lashes excel at creating a bolder, more dramatic look with a denser lash line and subtle eyeliner effect.

Strength of Natural Lashes

Strong & Healthy: Classic lashes are a great choice for clients with strong, healthy natural lashes that can easily support the weight of the extensions.

Fine or Weak: If a client has fine or weak natural lashes, flat lashes are the gentler option. Their lighter weight minimizes strain while still achieving a beautiful, voluminous look.

Comfort Preferences

Generally Comfortable: Classic lashes are generally comfortable for most clients.

Enhanced Comfort: Some clients prioritize a completely natural feeling on their eyelids. Flat lashes, with their flatter profile, can offer a more comfortable wear by minimizing any feeling of bulk or scratchiness.


Cost-Effective: Classic lashes are typically the more affordable option, making them a great choice for clients on a budget.

Investment in Luxury: Flat lashes may have a slightly higher cost due to their innovative design. However, the benefits like lighter weight and potentially longer retention can make them a worthwhile investment for some clients.


Classic vs. Flat Lashes Comparison Table

Now that we've explored the key differences, let's take a look at a comparison table summarizing these features.

Factors Classic lashes  Flat lashes
Base shape Round Ellipse
Tip Normal Split
Look  Subtle, natural, mimics natural lashes Dramatic, voluminous, eyeliner effect
Weight  Heavier Lighter
Retention  Good 40% longer retention
Comfort  Good Better (Flat base minimizes discomfort on eyelids)
Cost  More economical Higher
Application Difficulty Longer, take time for lash to be in place Faster & easier due to flatter base
Application Position Can be on top, bottom or side Only on top or bottom, no side
Glue used Less glue due to the thin base More glue as flat base creates space containing glue
Suitable for Clients desiring a natural look, most lash types Clients with weak, short, damaged lashes, desire dramatic
Materials (at Lii Lash)

More diverse

(Korean & German PBT)

German PBT fiber



As a lash artist, you play a crucial role in guiding your clients towards the best lash extension choice. Consider their desired look, lash health, comfort preferences, and budget to arrive at the perfect match. Don't be afraid to recommend a hybrid set of classic and flat lashes to customize the look further.

Also, the secret to long-lasting lashes isn't just the type, it's all about teamwork! Mastering your application skills is key, including steps like proper lash isolation, glue dipping and cleansing. High-quality lash supplies also play a crucial role. Don't forget the importance of post-treatment aftercare advice for your clients. By working together on all these aspects, you can create stunning, long-lasting lash sets that will keep your clients coming back for more!


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