Eyelash Extensions for Hooded Eyes

Have you ever encountered clients with hooded eyes who yearn for a brighter, more open gaze? Hooded eyes, characterized by a fold in the eyelid that partially covers the crease, can sometimes obscure natural lashes. This can lead to a desire for solutions that enhance and define the eye area. Enter eyelash extensions – a transformative technique capable of flattering hooded eyes and creating a dramatic aesthetic improvement.

Here are some celebrities with hooded eyes that you properly know:

hooded eyes celebrities Jennifer Lawrence eyelash extension for hooded eye

Jennifer Lawrence
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hooded eye celebrities Taylor Swift eyelash extension for hooded eyes

Taylor Swift
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This guide delves into the world of eyelash extensions for hooded eyes, providing valuable insights for both lash technicians and clients alike. We will explore the growing demand for "hooded eyes eyelash extensions" and unveil the specific strategies for achieving optimal results, ensuring extensions flatter the unique hooded eye shape.

Best Eyelash Extension Styles for Hooded Eyes

The key to achieving stunning results with hooded eyes lies in selecting the optimal lash curl and length. Dramatic curls (B, C, or D) are best avoided, as they can brush against the fold and cause irritation. Here, we focus on styles that create a lifting effect and flatter the hooded eye shape:

  • Curl:
    • M Curl: This delicate curl offers a subtle lift without touching the hood, resulting in a natural, wide-eyed look.
    • L Curl & L+ Curl: Ideal for deeper hoods, these even gentler curls provide a natural-looking lift that harmonizes with the fold of the eyelid.
  • Length:
    • Inner Corners: Slightly longer than natural lashes, but not long enough to touch the fold (typically 6mm-8mm).
    • Center of Lash Line: Gradual increase in length, not overwhelming natural lashes (typically 8mm-12mm).
    • Outer Corners: Longest extensions, but not brushing against eyebrows (typically 10mm-14mm).
  • Style:
    • Gradient/Doll Eye: This technique utilizes shorter lashes strategically placed at the inner corners, gradually increasing in length towards the center. This creates a lifting effect, making the eyes appear wider and more almond-shaped.
    • Wispy: Wispy lashes offer volume and dimension without overburdening natural lashes. This is a perfect choice for those concerned about a heavy look that might further conceal lashes under hooded lids.

hooded eyes eyelash extensions

(Picture: LLBA)

How to Create Perfect Lash Extension for Hooded Eyes

The application process plays a vital role in achieving optimal results for hooded eyes. Here's where a skilled lash technician's expertise truly shines:


  • Isolation: Meticulous isolation ensures individual attachment of each extension to a single natural lash, preventing clumping and preserving the health of natural lashes.
  • Upward Angle: Extensions are meticulously applied with a slight upward angle, enhancing visibility and ensuring they don't become hidden by the fold of the eyelid.
  • Strategic Placement: The technician carefully avoids bonding the adhesive too close to the waterline to prevent irritation and ensure comfortable wear.

Lash Mapping

hooded eye lash map

(Picture: London Lash)

Here's how lash mapping transforms hooded eyes:

Place shorter lashes in the inner corners: Imagine these shorter extensions like delicate brushstrokes that define the inner eye. They are strategically placed to avoid interfering with the fold, ensuring a comfortable wear and preventing the extensions from being hidden underneath the hooded lid.

Gradually taper the length outwards for lift and openness: Picture the lash lengths gradually increasing towards the center of the lash line. This creates a lifting effect, similar to a crescendo in music. As the extensions lengthen, they work together to open up the eye area, making your eyes appear wider and more prominent.

Lighter volume for a natural and weightless look: These lashes are like light, fluffy feathers. They add some fullness and show off your natural lashes without feeling heavy. By using fewer extensions, the technician keeps the look natural and avoids hiding your lashes under the fold.

Maximizing Retention: Aftercare Tips for Hooded Eyes

Proper aftercare is essential for long-lasting extensions, regardless of eye shape. Here are some key recommendations for hooded eyes:

  • Omission of Oil-Based Products: Oil can dissolve the adhesive bond, leading to premature shedding. Opt for oil-free makeup removers and avoid using oily skin care products near the eyes.
  • Minimizing Touching: Constant rubbing or touching can loosen the extensions.
  • Gentle Cleansing: Utilize a gentle lash cleanser specifically formulated for extensions to remove makeup and debris without damaging the extensions.
  • Regular Brushing: Gently brushing your lashes with a spoolie helps maintain their shape and prevents them from tangling.
  • Scheduled Refills: Regular touch-ups (typically every 2-4 weeks) are crucial to maintain a full and flawless look.

By following the expert strategies outlined in this guide, lash artists can achieve stunning and long-lasting eyelash extensions for clients with hooded eyes. With the right curl, length, and application techniques, hooded eyes can be beautifully accentuated, creating a lifted, open, and captivating gaze. Embrace the unique beauty of hooded eyes and unlock the confidence-boosting potential of flawless eyelash extensions.