Lash Extensions For Beginners

The world of lash extensions is a booming industry, and aspiring lash technicians are in high demand. This comprehensive guide empowers beginners with the knowledge to confidently embark on their lash artistry journey. We'll delve into the essential tools and products needed to create stunning, long-lasting lash looks for your clients, while keeping affordability in mind.

Building Your Beginner Lash Kit: Must-Have Products

Eyelash Extensions

A well-equipped lash kit is your foundation for success. Here's a breakdown of the essential supplies you'll need:

Eyelash Extensions Types

  • Classic Lashes: These individual lashes offer a subtle yet lengthening and volumizing effect, perfect for clients who desire a natural enhancement.
  • Pre-made Fans: These pre-made clusters of lashes expedite the application process, allowing you to create a dramatic, voluminous look efficiently. 
  • Easy fans, pro-made fans, and ultra-speed fans – these are also ideal for beginners as they simplify the application process.

Lengths & Thicknesses

Start with a limited selection to cater to various preferences. Opt for lengths like 8mm to 12mm and thicknesses of 0.10mm to 0.15mm. You can expand your collection as you gain experience.


The ideal material depends on your target audience.

  • For a young and bold clients: Faux mink or pre-mink lashes offer a dramatic, voluminous look.
  • For a mature clientele seeking a natural and fluffy look: Consider silk, cashmere, pre-made silk, velvet mink, or old mink lashes.
  • For clients with weak natural lashes: Velvet faux mink lashes are a gentle option that won't weigh down their lashes.

Liquid Products

These are categorized based on their function in the lash application process:

Pre-treatment products

  • Lash remover: are essential for a safe and comfortable experience when switching lash extensions. They work by dissolving the adhesive that binds the extensions to your natural lashes, allowing for a gentle removal process that minimizes breakage and irritation. This ensures your natural lashes stay healthy and ready for a fresh set of extensions.
  • Protein Remover: play a crucial role in creating a long-lasting bond between your natural lashes and new extensions. They work by gently cleansing your lashes and breaking down any natural protein buildup that can occur from sweat, dead skin cells, and oils. This creates a clean and optimal surface for the adhesive to bond to, resulting in lash extensions that stay put for longer.
  • Lash Shampoo: remove makeup residue, dirt, and oils that can accumulate on your natural lashes. By creating a clean and clear surface, lash shampoo allows for better adhesion of extensions, maximizing their retention time. Additionally, a clean lash environment promotes healthy lash growth by removing irritants that can hinder natural lash health.
  • Lash Primer: Don't underestimate the power of lash primer! Here's why it deserves a special mention:
    • Removes oil and dirt: Our natural lashes produce natural oils throughout the day. These oils can create a barrier, hindering the adhesive from effectively bonding to the lash. Lash primer acts as a degreaser, gently removing these oils and any lingering makeup residue from the lash surface. This creates a clean and dry surface for optimal adhesion.
    • Optimizes pH level: The ideal pH level for optimal adhesive bonding is 7.0 (neutral). Lash primer can help neutralize the natural (slightly alkaline) pH of the lashes, creating a more favorable environment for the adhesive to cure and form a strong connection.
    • Improves drying time + bonding power (maximize retention): Lash primer removes oils and debris, allowing faster adhesive drying and better lash extension retention. This translates to less risk of misplacement and longer-lasting lashes for your clients.
    • Moisturize natural lashes: Some lash primers contain ingredients that can help nourish and strengthen natural lashes. This is a valuable benefit, as lash extensions can put some stress on natural lashes.


The heart of the lash extension process, this glue bonds the extensions to the natural lashes.

Beginner-friendly options: Choose adhesives with a standard (1-2 seconds) drying time and a slower curing time (around 3-5 seconds). This allows for more control during application and minimizes the risk of mistakes. 

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After-treatment Products

  • Super bonder: acts as a curing agent, speeding up adhesive drying time and creating a more flexible bond. This translates to a faster application, reduced fumes for you, and potentially longer-lasting lashes.
  • Shampoo: for optimal retention, daily lash cleansing with a gentle shampoo is key! It removes makeup, dirt, and oils, creating a clean base for better adhesion and promoting healthy lash growth.

Lash Accessories

  • Micro Brushes: These fine-tipped brushes are essential for precise cleaning and isolation of natural lashes during application.
  • Lash Tape: This tape holds down the client's lower lashes during the procedure, preventing accidental bonding with the extensions.
  • Lighting: A ring light provides optimal, bright, and focused illumination for detailed lash application.
  • Lash Mannequin Head: Practice applying lashes on a mannequin head before working with real clients. This helps you hone your technique in a risk-free environment.
  • Glue Storage Container: To extend the life and effectiveness of your lash adhesive, invest in a dedicated glue storage container. These containers typically create an airtight seal and may even include features to control humidity, ensuring your adhesive stays fresh and performs optimally throughout its lifespan.
  • Lash Tweezers: High-quality tweezers are crucial for precise lash application. Here's a breakdown of the two main types:
    • Isolation Tweezers:
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    Tips: Angled at 90-120 degrees, these are ideal for isolating natural lashes during application.
    Material: Opt for stainless steel for durability, corrosion resistance, and easy sterilization.
    Weight & Balance: Choose tweezers with a comfortable weight and balanced feel to prevent hand fatigue.
    Tip Point: Look for sharp, pointed tips for precise grabbing of individual lashes without damage.
    Examples: Look for names like "L Volume Tweezers" or "Isolation Tweezers" with angled tips.
      • Volume Tweezers:
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      Tips: Straight tips that meet perfectly at the closure.
      Function: Designed for picking up pre-made fans of lashes efficiently.
      Additional Tips:
      Start with one high-quality pair of each type.
      As you gain experience, explore different brands and types to find what works best for you.
      Regularly clean and disinfect your tweezers for hygiene.

      Exploring Trendy Lash Options

      The lash extension industry thrives on continuous innovation, offering exciting new options to cater to diverse client preferences. Here are some of the latest trends taking the beauty world by storm:

      • Colored Lashes: Colored lashes add a playful touch and can complement certain eye colors or even be used for special occasions.
      • Pre-made Fans: These little clusters of lashes simplify the application process, allowing technicians to work faster and potentially reduce appointment times.
      • Volume Lashes: For those who crave a dramatic look, volume lashes are the answer. These extensions use multiple thin

      Choosing high-quality products and staying updated on industry trends are essential for success in the thriving world of lash extensions. Remember, proper storage conditions for these products ensure optimal performance and longevity.