Lii Lash’s Lash Extension Materials: Silk or Mink?

As professional lash artists, one significant factor you might want to consider carefully when choosing lash extensions is their material. With the increasing and constantly evolving lash extension industry, materials also vary, offering higher performance and an even more charming look.

With a specialization in creating stunning lash looks, we at Lii Lash understand the importance of using the right materials to achieve the desired results. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of lash materials to help you understand their significance in enhancing the beauty of the eyes.


Understanding Lash Extension Materials

When it comes to lash extensions, the material used plays a crucial role in determining the final outcome. The type of lash extension material you use not only affects the look and feel of the extensions but also influences their durability and overall quality.

On the market right now, the most popular materials are silk and mink. Each type has unique characteristics that cater to different needs. Before delving into Lii Lash's offerings, let's help you understand the two best-selling materials in the world.


Mink Lashes

Mink lashes, also known as Siberian Mink, are derived from real mink fur, prized for their softness and lightweight nature. Mink lash extensions offer a light, fluffy, and natural look, close to our human's lashes. The unique feature of real mink lashes lies in their hollow structure, making them exceptionally lightweight. This characteristic allows for mega volume application without causing any undue weight.

American mink - one of lash extension's material

While mink lashes were once all the rage for their stunning appearance, today, their production has slowed down as we've come to realize their drawbacks and found better alternatives.

Real mink lashes, unfortunately, struggle to hold their curl and can lose shape when they get wet. This means you'd have to keep curling them to maintain their look, which isn't very practical. Plus, there's the concern about allergens since they come from live animals, and the extraction process isn't always humane.

Another drawback of natural mink lashes is their steep price point, often costing thousands of dollars per full set, yet failing to retain a pre-curled shape.

Due to these ethical concerns and numerous limitations, Lii Lash DO NOT OFFER real mink lashes.

We prioritize the use of cruelty-free premium synthetic and silk materials, ensuring superior quality, durability, and ethical sourcing practices. Our synthetic and silk lash extensions provide clients with the desired aesthetic without compromising on comfort, longevity, or ethical integrity.


Silk lashes

As technology advances, manufacturers are creating synthetic lashes that offer reduced sourcing costs while delivering finer quality and more natural-looking results. Above all, they are cruelty-free, as no animals are harmed in the production process.

While some brands market their silk lash extensions as "100% silk lashes", they are not truly made of silk. Instead, they are crafted from synthetic silk fibers, as real silk comes from the cocoon of the silkworm, which is too fragile to hold its shape and curl.

Lii Lash's lash extension material bent - super dense, soft, lightweight

Faux mink is another type of synthetic lashes crafted to mimic the appearance and feel of real mink fur. This material is chosen for its lightweight and flexible properties, closely resembling natural lashes.

Due to their composition, synthetic eyelashes hold their curl extremely well. As technology evolves, many manufacturers have developed them to be heat-resistant and water-resistant, maintaining their quality for years. This helps lash artists easily stock them without fear of quality deterioration. The final look of these synthetic lashes are also quite similar and consistent, as they are all manufactured with similar selling points: light, soft, and sturdy enough to hold a curl.

Factors to consider lash extension materials

When you're choosing lash materials, remember to keep these key factors in mind: 

  • Softness and weight: Lashes should be soft and lightweight, mimicking the feel of natural lashes to provide the most comfortable and natural-looking experience for the wearer.
  • Finish: Depending on the desired look, choose between matte or shiny finishes. Matte finishes are suitable for achieving natural-looking lash sets, while shiny finishes are ideal for those seeking dramatic and bold looks.
  • Durability: Lashes should maintain their curl for an extended period, ensuring economical stocking and long-lasting wear.
  • Color: Lashes should exhibit no hints of blue or green hues, maintaining a natural appearance that complements various eye colors.

    Now that you've got to know how to choose the perfect lash materials, let's dive into Lii Lash's wide array of offerings!

    1. Faux Mink

    Faux Mink lash extension material

    Faux Mink extensions stand out as a perennial favorite and a classic choice among lash enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality Korean PBT fiber, these lashes boast a deep black finish, delivering a striking appearance that enhances the eyes. Notably soft and feather-light, they offer a comfortable wear experience without compromising on density.

    With tapered lengths ranging from 1 to 3mm, they provide versatility in creating both natural and dramatic looks.The matte finish, comprising 60% of the lash, exudes an understated elegance, while the remaining 40% adds a touch of subtle shimmer for added allure.

    Faux Mink eyelashes are particularly well-suited for clients seeking bold, voluminous, and intensely black lash sets, making them a go-to choice for those who desire statement-worthy eyes.


    2. Velvet Faux Mink

    Velvet Faux Mink eyelash extension material

    Introducing our newest Velvet Faux Mink lash material, meticulously crafted from premium German PBT fiber. What sets this material apart is its exclusive use of innovative Hollow technology, designed to closely mimic the luxurious texture of real mink fur.

    Unlike traditional mink fur with one central hollow core per hair shaft, our lashes boast three hollow cores inside their bodies, making them ultra-lightweight - 30% lighter than normal lashes - while still retaining their beautiful shape and curl.

    With a semi-matte finish, dense construction, and natural black hue, these lashes offer ultra-softness and unparalleled lightness, perfect for clients desiring a natural, fluffy, voluminous, and intensely black lash set.


    3. Premium Silk

    Premium Silk lash material

    Crafted from premium Korean PBT fiber, Premium Silk lashes offer a luxurious semi-matte finish in a deep black shade. Designed to provide a natural and voluminous look, they are ultra-soft and lightweight, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.

    With tapered lengths ranging from 3 to 5mm, our Premium Silk lashes offer versatility for achieving a variety of lash styles. The matte finish comprises 70% of the lash, giving a soft and sophisticated appearance, while the remaining 30% adds a subtle hint of shine.

    Ideal for clients seeking a natural, voluminous, and intensely black lash set, our Premium Silk lashes redefine beauty with their unmatched quality and comfort.


    4. Cashmere Silk

    Cashmere Silk eyelash material

    Made from premium Korean PBT fiber, Cashmere Silk lashes offer a full matte finish in a deep black shade, providing the most natural appearance. Renowned for their ultra-soft and lightweight feel, they ensure maximum comfort while maintaining a dense and voluminous look.

    With tapered lengths ranging from 4 to 5mm, our Cashmere Silk lashes offer versatility for achieving various lash styles. The matte finish dominates at an impressive 90%, with nearly no hint of shine, offering a featherlight and fluffy aesthetic.

    Perfect for clients who desire the most natural, lightweight, and voluminous lash set, our Cashmere Silk lashes redefine beauty with their unmatched simplicity and elegance.


    5. Premium Mink

    Premium Mink lash extension material

    With precision from Korean PBT fiber, these lashes boast the deepest black hue, ensuring a bold and dramatic look. Renowned for their ultra-soft and lightweight feel, they offer maximum comfort while maintaining a super dense appearance with no gaps between lashes.

    With tapered lengths ranging from 1 to 3mm, our Premium Mink lashes provide versatility for achieving various lash styles. The matte finish, comprising 55% of the lash, exudes a subtle elegance, while the remaining 45% adds a touch of captivating shine.

    Ideal for clients who desire the darkest, boldest, and most dramatic lash set, our Premium Mink eyelashes redefine beauty with their unmatched intensity and allure.


    6. Super Mink

    Super Mink eyelash material

    Introducing our Super Mink lash collection, crafted from premium German PBT fiber, these lashes offer a semi-matte finish in a natural black shade, ensuring a sophisticated yet glamorous look. Known for their ultra-soft and lightweight feel, they provide maximum comfort while maintaining a dense and voluminous appearance.

    With tapered lengths ranging from 4 to 5mm, our Super Mink lashes offer versatility for achieving various lash styles. The matte finish dominates at 70%, lending a soft and understated elegance, while the remaining 30% adds a subtle hint of shine.

    Perfect for clients who desire a natural yet glamorous black lash set, our Super Mink lashes redefine beauty with their unmatched quality and allure.

    Lii Lash’s High-quality lash features

    Regardless of your material preference, Lii Lash ensures that all our lash extension materials deliver top-quality features to professional lash artists.

    • Stable curl: The curl maintains its original shape for more than 1 year
    • Silver/Paper backing: We offer 2 backing options: Paper and Silver. Our backings that are easy to remove without tearing it off and can be reused many times
    • Residue-free tape strip: Lashes don't stick to neighboring ones
    • Dense: Our lashes are dense, no gap between lashes, allowing you to serve more clients with our lashes
    • No greenish/bluish: Our lashes are no greenish/bluish so clients can achieve natural yet dramatic lash look
    • Ultra soft & lightweight: Featherlight lash sets ensuring comfort for customers through all day wear
    • Various styles: Diverse range in curl (11 curls), lengths (4-25mm), suitable for every clients, from adding natural touch to creating charming dramatic, bold, voluminous and black lash sets


    We, Lii Lash proudly offers a diverse range of materials to cater to every need, specifically for you, the lash artists, in mind. Trying out different lash materials isn't just about expanding your skill set - it's about discovering what works best for you and ultimately enhancing your ability to cater to the varied preferences of your clients. Explore these options to find the perfect fit for your unique styles and the specific needs of your clients. At Lii Lash, we believe that versatility is key to providing exceptional service and ensuring client satisfaction.