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Super Premium Matte Lashes 0.1mm

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If you’re looking for the best individual eyelash extensions, we got you covered. Let’s take a look at some benefits of our lashes below.

Individual Eyelash Key Features:

  • Matte black, no greenish, no bluish, no glossy
  • 100% Vegan, cruelty-free, no latex, no formaldehyde
  • Made of high quality and long-lasting Korean PBT fiber
  • Soft, lightweight and natural-looking
  • Knot free, no kink and not sticking to neighboring lashes
  • No glue residue left on the lashes
  • Stable curl: Lashes are durable and hold curl over time

Packaging Key Feature

From day one, we have always promised to be a cruelty-free brand.  Not only did we use vegan lash material, but also, we choose eco-friendly packaging without harmful effects on the environment as much as possible.

  • Eco-friendly paper box
  • Foil-back strips
  • Sticky glue tape- easy to make fan on strip (all techniques)
  • Label across the strip

Take a close look at our video for more details.


Product Properties


Cruety-free       100% Vegan          No Latex         Synthetic Fiber
  • Owning thick, long and curled eyelashes is the dream of every woman. But not everyone is endowed with this beauty. However, you can easily have curled eyelashes using eyelash extensions technology. If you love natural beauty and want a long, naturally curled eyelashes, you can choose individual as known as classic eyelash extensions.


    So what are individual eyelash extensions?

    Individual eyelash extensions started in Japan in the early millennium and became popular around the world after 5 years. Classic lashing is a method where one false lash will be glued on the natural one at the 1:1 ratio with semi permanent glue, which is why it had another name called “one-by-one” technique. If you’re looking for long and curl eyelashes but want less dense and more natural, this type of eyelash extension is definitely ideal for you. Individual eyelash extensions come in a variety of shapes, lengths, thicknesses and styles so you can easily choose from for the best-matching your eyes.  False eyelash fibers are usually imported from Korea and Japan, so they are guaranteed to the high-quality.


    What are individual eyelashes made of?

    Most eyelash extensions are usually made of synthetic material called PBT (polybutylene
    terephthalate) which has a high molecular weight and is well-known for being strong, flexible and resistant plastic. While you might not have heard much about PBT eyelashes, you will probably come across the words “faux mink and silk”, which are known as common eyelash extension materials. Basically, faux mink is light-weight, coated with a glossy finish, long lasting with good care and a huge plus for one whose own eyelashes are fine and dedicate. Whereas, silk eyelashes appear with less matte look. They are finer, softer and more glamorous. If you’re looking for a dramatic look, silk will be a better choice.


    How to choose the right eyelash extensions that suit you?

    Choosing the right length of individual eyelashes is also very important. They should be
    comfortable to wear and match your eye shape. There is a golden rule that the extensions shouldn’t be longer than 20% of the length of your natural eyelashes. The most popular lengths are between 9mm and 13mm depending on beauty perception. This type of eyelash extensions will make your eyes look deep, big and round, overcome the defects of the eyes, bring natural but delicate beauty.

    There are several types of lash curls defined by the Alphabet letters representing the look of the curl. You can see the picture to differentiate them:

    Among different lash curls, C curl seems to be the safest option fitting almost the eye types if you are unsure of which curl you want to go with. It creates an open eye effect without looking drastic. You can consider D curls as a strong recommendation, it’s popular too when it comes to applying individual eyelash

    It’s important to choose the thickness, too. Lash thicknesses range from 0.03mm to
    0.2mm. While choosing eyelash extensions diameter, always to make sure your
    natural eyelashes can support the weight of false lashes. Too thick can damage
    your natural ones.

    How much does itcost to get eyelash extensions?

    Now you got some information about it and you may question the cost of applying individual eyelash extensions. Actually, the cost can vary from your location, your lash artist, number of lashes and style you wish to wear. Among types of eyelash extension, classic is of the most affordable because it requires less preparation as well as time. However, your first appointment will be the longest, taking you about 4 minutes or less and the time will be deducted for the next time because you just need to refill eyelashes when the current ones fall out.


    Do eyelash extensions ruin your natural lashes?

    Many people say that eyelash extensions will ruin the natural eyelashes but it actually
    does not. Proper applying method alone not only doesn’t affect your own ones but also keeps your eyelash set last longer. The average individual eyelash extensions have a life expectancy of about 6 weeks depending on many factors such as the skin type, active lifestyle level, beauty products you use and sleeping habit. Try to avoid mascara as much as possible, which will make your eyelash extensions stay on longer. Actually wearing mascara is fine, the key is how you get rid of it as your lash extension can fall out if mascara is not removed carefully. In addition, if you want a long-lasting beautiful lash set, just don’t pull or rub them (even though I know it is satisfying somehow^^). And one more thing, don’t forget to clean and brush your individual eyelash extensions to keep them clean and fresh.


    Why are individual eyelash extensions more popular than others?

    Compared with the other eyelash extensions, individual eyelash extensions have the following advantages:

    - Classic eyelash extensions have a faster applying time than other eyelash extensions so the price is also cheaper.

    - Classic eyelash extensions use soft, smooth lashes that are almost similar to real lashes and do not feel clumsy. The phenomenon like itchy or heavy eyes, therefore, rarely occurs after classic eyelash extensions.

    - Interlacing false eyelashes with real eyelashes will not cause sticky eyelashes like cluster eyelashes, so it will not obstruct the vision of the eyes.

    - After classic eyelash extensions, you don't need to abstain much, you can still shower, makeup, swim.

    - Classic eyelash extension time is quite quick, depending on the skill of the artists ranging from 30-45 minutes.

    - The lifespan of classic eyelashes can last from 1 to 3 months if you know how to combine methods of eyelash care with essential oils.

    - Classic eyelash extensions have less impact on real eyelashes, so the possibility of eyelash loss is less likely than other types of eyelash extensions.


    The bottom line

    That’s all, you probably know what individual eyelash extensions are. Remember the lash extensions will change the way your eyes look, consider choosing the right one. Wish you have a good time with individual eyelash extensions.

    If you would like to shop individual lashes or any eyelash extensions, go ahead to our website to see more eyelashes and figure out which is the best suit you. Though there are a lot of eyelash suppliers out there, we - LiiLash will not definitely disappoint you.  As one of the most leading eyelash extensions wholesale manufacturers, we offer a wide range of premium eyelashes with customize lashes designs to meet every beauty taste and styles. You can also find eyelashes with different curls and thickness as well as trendy color lashes. Don’t hesitate to get a new impressive look rightaway. Contact us now.