Eyelash extensions are the ideal solution to enhancing your
lashes without make-up, and brown eyelash extensions are growing in popularity day by day. According to Google Trends,
searches for ‘brown lash extensions’ are on an upward trend all around the world.

So why exactly is this style of lash likely to be so
popular in the upcoming months? Let Lillash help you to figure it out!

What are brown eyelash extensions?

Brown eyelash extensions are a new and exciting way
to draw attention to your eyes and make a statement about your unique qualities. Basically, brown eyelash extensions are almost the same with classic black eyelash extensions, just the fiber is not black. They’re brown but with
multiple shades. If you get bored with regular eyelash look and want soothing totally special, you come to the right place! 

How are brown lashes made?

brown eyelash extensions are dyed brown in advance with qualified treatment. Each brown lash set is made of synthetic, cruelty-free fibers that maintain a natural and comfortable feel. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about getting them for
your next change.

Different shades of brown

Discovering the brown
eyelash collection is crucial before going brown. The best color for brown is the shade brown that components your skin tone and eyes while giving you that
ravishingly beautiful look. There’re the following shades of brown eyelash every woman can wear.

Honey Brown eyelash extensions

Are you in love with
warm, graceful and lighter hue that tend to bring out a woman’s natural beauty? Then you come to the right place. Honey brown is a feminine yet laid back color
that’s bound to suit every woman.This light brown eyelash color r features hints of natural-looking honey throughout, offering the best of rich depth and multi-dimensional lightness. One of the reasons we adore this shade so much is that it goes well with literally any skin type, from light to dark.