The beauty industry is constantly changing. Some trends come and go quickly, while others stick around for a while. According to research, eyelash extensions are a thriving trend that is quickly becoming everyone's go-to beauty treatment. The
lash industry has a promising future and is far from a passing fad.

So, what
exactly are the premade lash fans?

Premade lash
fans are also known as premade volume fans. Unlike applying a one-by-one method
as classic eyelash extension, pre-made fans are made in advance in which the
individual lashes adhered together at the base creating fans and ready to dip
into glue. They’re a good alternative saving a lot of time and creating a more
present appointment.

types of pre-made fan lashes?

There are
two types of pre-made fan lashes: Glue-bonded fan lashes and heat-bonded lashes

·        Glue-bonded

As its name
indicated, glue-bonded lashes are volume fan lashes which use a considerable
amount of adhesive to bind individual lashes together to create the fans.
Glue-bonded will be heavier than heat-bonded lashes but less likely to fall
apart. While glue-bonded lashes add a little extra unnecessary weight to a fan
but only in milligrams, which will not negatively affect the customer’s natural
lashes. The real weakest point is that they won’t give you good retention
because they’re double-dipped in the adhesive

Heat-bonded lashes

glue-bonded lashes, heat-bonded lashes are made by a special heating method to
keep the lashes in the fan shape without using glue or anything else that can
make them heavier. Therefore, they are light in weight and easy to apply
without irritating the customer's eyelid as well as making the effect more
natural and lighter. However, they still have a minus point, they’re more
likely to fall apart quickly due to lack of adhesive at the base.

You also may
come across short stem, mid stem and long stem. Are you curious about the
differences among them?

·        Short
stem pre-made fan lashes
as known as pointy base lashes are lash fans which
have a narrow base and a wide tip. Short stem is better suited for clients with
gaps in their natural lash line creating fluffy, full, dark and beautifully
dense effect.

Long stem pre-made fan lashes
are in which the base is thin and darker and slightly wide top.
This type of lashes is ideal for customers with an abundance of lash line.

·        Mid
stem pre-made fans
are in the between.


How to
choose the pre-made fan lashes that best suit you?

you need to determine what style you want to wear. Whether it is natural style
or dramatic look, there are a variety of options for you to choose.

If you
want to create a very natural-looking style, use short stem lashes with Volume 2D
or 3D.

In case
you like the fluffy style, try 4D, 5D, 6D short stem fans.

dramatic look, try 10D, 20D short stem fans

If you
want eyeliner effect volume lash style, consider 3D, 5D Long stems fans


How are
premade fan lashes made?

technique of making heat-boned eyelash extensions is similar to that of
handcraft eyelashes performed by human labor with the assistance of machine. A
row of thin PBT threads is typically set on a lash tray and the base of these
threads are either heat-bonded or joined with a little amount of glue. The
threads will be coiled into the appropriate curl and heat-processed to keep the
curl when the root adhesion is accomplished. After the curl is made the lash
maker will transfer the desired amount of lash fans to strip and manually
adjust the fan just like at the lash studio. After that, the completed lash
fans are ready to be shipped out.


What are
the benefits of premade fan eyelash extension?

·        Premade lash fans save the
application time

Many lash
artists choose to work with pre-made fans due to the time-consuming step of
struggling handcrafting volume fans themselves. This idea behind pre-made fan
lashes saves them a lot of time. Especially to the pregnant or some clients who
want the fuller volume look but don’t have much time to be on the lash bed,
pre-made fan lashes will be a life-savor.

·        More appointment

treatment time of pre-made fan lashes is reduced, lash artist can fit more
clients into their schedule and create more income

·        No volume lash training lashes

To be
good at something is quite easy, to master it is another concept. The process
of attaching eyelashes to customer’s eyelid requires a lot of skill, so does


How to
use them?

You can
apply premade eyelash extensions the same ways as you do to any other lashes.
They're all done for you- just like a volume fan, you’ll find it easy to use
the tweezers, attach them to natural lash in the same way, dip them into
adhesive exactly the same way.

·        Pick up the fans from the strip and
slightly put it back down on the strip

·        Pick up the fan from the middle of
its body like you pick up handmade volume fans

·        Dip the fan into glue with a medium
amount and apply it on natural eyelashes.


Bottom line

beauty has become more convenient for both lash artists and their clients
thanks to pre-made fan lashes. When compared to handcrafted ones, the time and
efficiency savings that come with them always win. However, it is important to
remember to look after the health of one's natural eyelashes. You'll have all
eyes on you with the appropriate attitude and the right style of prepared lash

There are
a hundred suppliers that stock pre-made fan eyelashes and it can be getting
confused to choose the best. With many years experience working in the eyelash
extensions industry as well distributing eyelash extensions to hundreds of
beauty retailers, we - Charmlash is confident to be one of the best choices for
you. We provide a wide range of eyelash extensions with customized length,
thickness and curls. Feel free to contact us for more information.

We hope
this guide is helpful to you as you begin your adventure of creating incredible
volume lashes for your customers!

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