The L curl lashes are definitely considered a favorite curl among clients. Undoubtedly, the growing popularity of L curl eyelash extensions can be attributed to the recent desire for seductive and unique lash looks.

Obviously your clients will want the most trending lash look, but as a professional lash artist, you surely want to suggest them a lash look that suits their eye shape. It is a difficult task, especially if your clients have droopy eyelids. Therefore, L curl lashes were created to save the day and give your clients a beautiful, soft lash lift. L curl lashes are always a perfect choice for clients with naturally straight or downward-pointing lashes.

What are L curl eyelash extensions?

L curl lashes are eyelash extensions with a shorter and straighter base, but still a dramatic bend. Because of its flat base, L curl lashes have a long attachment area, giving them the ability to bond better to the natural lashes and result in better retention. Therefore, the attachment between natural and false lashes will be more long-lasting and secure.

Moreover, L curl lashes are known as the most visually rewarding lash extensions because the curved part of the lash picks up natural lashes that are growing down and allows to slightly open up the eye. They will give a wide-eye effect to the clients with deep-set or hooded eyes.


Another point that every lash artist should take note is that L curl lashes look best when they are applied in a Cat or Kitten lash map since they are able to create a bold flick after being applied to the outer eye. These lashes also push the eye and lashes forward, making them an amazing choice for keeping the curl from hitting the client’s lid on hooded eyes. Normally, in order to achieve a more dramatic lash look, CharmLash highly recommend using the L+ Curl lashes to mix with L curl lashes.

CharmLash’s L curl lash extensions are made from the highest quality Korean PBT material on the market. This polyester-based material is used in a wide variety of products and is ideal for creating that soft and silky lash effect.

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